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Winter is the time of year to wear darker hues, be it as the makeup or hairstyle, clothes and even nail polish. While some of us enjoy wearing deep shades, people are unsure about whether or not they’ll be in a position to wear deep shades, particularly in the case of lipsticks! This winter season , put aside all doubts about wearing dark lipsticks since we’ll showcase some stunning deep lipstick colours along with few suggestions about how to effortlessly wear these shades!

Deep brown

Let’s take a moment and take note of this gorgeous lip color will we? Dark brown lips look gorgeous on any skin tone and work well with any type of makeup. Brown lips were a huge trend in the 90s , but somehow was masked by other colors in the past. Now, it’s the time to bring back the 90s! Because browns are earthy tones they can make your makeup look warmer which is recommended for winter months.

We are awestruck by this Lakme Absolute Oil Lip Colour that comes in Deep Brown for its creamy matte texture, which gives an ideal finish! This color is perfect for both light and dark outfits, making it’s quite versatile and can certainly be your ultimate winter lipstick.


Plum is an extremely color that can be intimidating, which is why it causes many women to worry a lot when wearing it! Yet, women also appreciate the look when it is worn by someone else! You can alter the intensity of this shade quite easily, meaning you can use it lightly to give a hint of shade during the daytime and gradually build it as you changing into night. The hues of this color are flattering to all and can give your appearance a different dimension.

Choose The Lakme Absolute Oil Lip Colour that comes in Juicy Purple this Winter. This shade also means you’ll be able to go without putting on any makeup on your face, by making it the most striking shade to your style.

Brick reds

This is the colour we’d like us to call the perfect Christmas color’. Brick reds can enhance your skin because they complement any undertone, whether neutral warm, cool or neutral. They’re also a popular autumn/winter lip shade that are great with all kinds of outfits. Shiny and bright makeup styles work well when paired with red bricks. It is possible to mix the red with a brown to create a stunning hue of red brick.

Deep Mauves

When we think of pink, we envision pastel, candy hues, which are stunning. However, since darks are the latest neutrals and shades, the deep shades are the perfect winter replacements for the traditional pinks.

We hope that we were able to get you to step out and apply lipstick with these gorgeous deep-colored lipsticks which will flatter the winter months!


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