Delivery Software is Booming – Make an On Demand Delivery App?

on demand delivery app

With the rise of on-demand application development, the concept of an online marketplace has taken off. Customers can connect directly with retailers by build on-demand delivery application solutions in today’s mobile-driven era. Walmart, Amazon, Grofers, and eBay have seen tremendous growth in recent years by providing their customers with an excellent combination of convenience and security through apps.

Are you an online retailer or want to start an online grocery business? To strengthen your presence and keep up with the increasing competition, you will need a grocery delivery app Development Company to create your own grocery app. Let us list down the top reasons why on-demand grocery delivery apps are better than traditional Kirana stores. Like other on-demand service applications, the grocery delivery application consists of three panels: Users, Admins, and Delivery. Let’s take a look at the main features of each forum one by one.

Why Do People Like To On-Demand Delivery App?

Convenience and Comfort

The Pickup and delivery app solution is intended to bring users comfort and convenience. All on-demand grocery delivery apps, from Walmart to Grofers, offer customers the convenience of grocery shopping at their fingertips.

They can use the app to avoid having to queue for long periods. Thanks to the pickup and delivery app development, the online grocery retailer will deliver whatever you order to your doorstep.


On-demand app development is always helpful, whether you want to make it easy for customers to shop during their busy schedules or allow them to make purchases while on the go. 

On-demand apps can help people save time by reducing their time on various activities, like going to the store and coming home.


The benefits of a grocery delivery app are that it can help users save money by offering discounts, loyalty points, app-based deals, and coupons. Customer savings on travel expenses can also be significant.

App users can also get the best deal on certain grocery items. Simply put, the grocery-on-demand app can help app users save money.

Shop and Receive Anywhere

This is a fantastic benefit for current and potential customers. Anyone can buy food online and have it delivered to their doorstep. Customers who want to shop for friends or family can enter their addresses and return items.

An older person, for example, cannot go to the supermarket. Your son or daughter can easily place an order online through an app, and the older person can receive it at their home.

No Impulsive Purchase

We can’t help each other when we go to the supermarket or the mall because there are many tempting options. For shopaholics, the supermarket is heaven, and they end up buying more cookies, chocolates, or other items.

The application can help users to control their impulses. It also helps them avoid overspending. They can use an app to buy only the items on their list that are needed.

Key Features of the On-Demand Delivery App

User Panel Features- Grocery Delivery App

Registration:  Allows users to register using their email address or social media credentials.

Product Search: Allows users to apply filters to find the items they are looking for.

Product Search: Allows users to apply filters to find the items they want. A scheduled delivery is the next important feature to consider. Customers can choose a specific time slot to receive their orders, which is convenient for them.

Tracking: This feature allows users to keep track of their orders. It’s easy to track the location and status of the order in real-time.

Payment Options: All standard payment methods are included, allowing users to make payments in any way they prefer.

Offer Zone: This section shows all current offers and discounts. For loyal customers, you can keep the Rewards Zone instead of an offer zone.

Feedback: Users can provide feedback in the form of ratings and suggestions. In the case of a supermarket chain app, this feature also allows customers to find the highest-rated grocery store.

Admin Panel Features- Grocery Delivery App

Dashboard: Admin can use the dashboard to manage and track all orders and activities. The administrator can effectively manage all critical operations thanks to the interactive dashboard.

Store and Purchase Management – This feature is helpful if you have an aggregation app or a supermarket chain app. You can run multiple grocery store chains.

Assign managers: This allows the administrator to complete all activities and orders in a simplified way. Managers can be added to warehouses to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Customer Service Management – This role enables you to communicate and coordinate with both management and customers. It is essential to offer your users a positive shopping experience. You can also actively participate in solving customer problems.

Payment management: It allows the administrator to manage all payment methods securely and transparently. These features can help your online grocery store grow.

Notification Management: This feature allows the administrator to send custom notifications to clients. Statements like these can help you to promote your business.

Delivery Panel Features- Grocery Delivery App

Accept or Reject Delivery: Gives the delivery person the option of accepting or rejecting the order. If delivering the order is inconvenient for the person making the delivery, you can refuse the request.

Location tracking: With the help of this feature, delivery drivers can easily find customers’ locations. They can also determine the most efficient route to deliver the order in a given period.

In-App Chat – During the delivery of an order, deliverers can chat with the manager or customers as required. This built-in function is helpful when it comes to establishing real-time communication.

Delivery Confirmation – This feature allows delivery drivers to update order status as needed. This function allows the administrator and customers to see the quality of their orders in real-time.

With each passing day, the competition in this field becomes more intense. As a result, having the right features is critical; otherwise, you will fall behind. Users will love your grocery app if you include these five features.

With each passing day, the level of competition in this field continues to rise. As a result, it is critical to have the appropriate characteristics, or else you will fall behind. By including these features in your grocery app, you will increase the number of users who use your app.

Cost To Build On-Demand Delivery App?

All things depend on whether you want to make an Android or iOS grocery app. The complexity of the application and the hourly rates of the developers are two other important factors.

The on-demand app development company allows you to hire application developers at the current hourly rates in the country.

Here’s an estimate for a basic on-demand grocery delivery app with limited features. We are looking at the cost of a grocery app from the Indian app developers’ point of view.

Documentation costs between $ 1,000 and $ 2,000.

$ 1500 to $ 3500 per design

QA and Application Testing – $ 2,500 to $ 4,500 Development (Front End and Back End) – $ 10,000 to $ 20,000

In general, the cost of a delivery app for an Android or iOS platform can range from $ 15,000 to $ 30,000.

Summing Up

Building on-demand delivery apps can help you grow your business by increasing sales and improving your online presence. Anywhere in the world, you can create a custom grocery app to target a specific audience. The grocery app can help you build a loyal online customer base that will push your business to new heights.


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