Designing Lotion Custom Boxes: Here Is How You Do It

Illustration is a simple process that might be more complex than you think. Having a skin or makeup brand isn’t easy. Everyone judges appearances and while there is no doubt things are changing, customers don’t seem to think that way. You still, especially with this generation, have 5 seconds to grab their attention. Which isn’t enough, but enough for consumers to determine whether they want to do anything with your product. The designing procedure is considered to be one of the most fundamental and required processes of any layer of packaging.

The better the design, the greater the reviews are. Applying the trends and twisting them to something unique, is something only some brands can do. And if you want to be one of them, we are here to fulfill your thirst for information. With this guidance, you can create Lotion packaging that wins the heart of your consumers in a matter of seconds. Designing techniques and exclusive tips, so you can create the dream lotion boxes. You can use custom lotion boxes to create a unique inkling for your retailing store.

It isn’t easy to have skincare lovers interested. They most likely encounter products like yours every day. Something that differentiates you from them, is your unique style of branding and promotion. Giving you the straight path to your brand’s success. With custom printed lotion boxes for your creams and beauty products, you will now be able to put your goods on the first row without hesitation! Get the most out of your packages by styling the new trends skin-care items haven’t seen yet.

Let’s take you through the individual steps you can take to ensure quality and brand success. These designing tips are sure to land you thinking, allowing you to create your brand representative boxes.

Say No to Stock Lotion Packaging Suppliers:

Design and perfect not only the inner but the outer surface of your beauty packaging. You can’t carry out this process with stock lotion packaging. To have full freedom of what you want to do, custom lotion boxes are the best choice. They are more eco-friendly, customizable, and protective of your trusty bottles. Making it worth every penny. Considered to be rigid, these boxes have the power to hold your creams through harmful situations. Making it a reliable source of developing your trust as a brand. Stock packaging is the exact opposite. With minimum to no designing options, rigid stock lotion boxes have no way of being customized or even used in a proficient manner.

Know Your Audience:

Knowing who you are selling is the most important factor in winning the hearts of your consumers. Additional Features and details can add real value to what you are designing. But to make it more special, tend to your skin-care lover’s packaging needs. Know what they like and especially don’t. Being conscious of your audience plays an important role in determining your relationship with the consumers. Next time, don’t go overboard with the add ons and pop colors. Skin and beauty lovers seem to like light and minimalist lotion packaging. Making it less of a hassle than it is.

 Select the Right Material:

Choosing what might be beneficial and helps you stand out in the crowd. What is easy is that you can experiment and test. Choose styling materials for your base. The layer that you can finish the box with. The additional features you can adorn it with. A new unique box by style according to your product preference. There are options available for lotion boxes packaging you can’t even imagine. Give yours a new outlook by finishing the said cream wholesale packaging. Make incredibly personalized lotion boxes by selecting one of the packaging materials based on your needs and requirements.

Cardstock Boxes:

Cardstock Boxes are used for retail purposes. The material is hard and flexible to give an awesome look along with protection. Generally made with 14p for these boxes. However, you can increase the thickness. Card stock is an all-purpose box material. It keeps any product inside it safe.

Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated Boxes are recommended for a wholesale retailer company. Specially designed for shipment purposes. Mostly used when business owners have to send out a huge order.

Kraft Boxes:

Kraft Boxes are the most common options for skincare and lotion manufacturers. They play an important role in making the environment clean. They are recyclable and biodegradable. Choose this to help us create an eco-friendly environment.

Along with the right box, choose an even better finish to top it off with. Use enchanting coating options like CMYK, PMS, Spot UV, Embossing, Debossing, and more.

 Use Fonts & Splashes Of Colours

There aren’t many industries that are able to produce die-heart fans like the makeup and beauty world. You might get lucky and hit the jackpot. But it is more about presenting your product than selling it. Using a unique combination of design leads to an incredible increase in consumers, The method by which small businesses have found what they are looking for.

Choose a font style that you can embellish your logo with, use combinations of trendy varieties to add your brand’s name and slogan on the custom boxes for lotion creams.

Use a color theme that represents the true nature of your lotions and label. Consumers latch onto brands that have a serious love for aesthetics and colors. Making your lotion box packaging first row worthy! There are three ways you can achieve impeccable coloring options on custom lotion boxes.

  • Choose a non-common color palette mixed with the same category of shades.
  • Something that is vibrant and catches attention is more likely to be beneficial.
  • Blend your personality & your custom cosmetic packaging by adding your unique style to the boxes.


The choice is yours, really. Many skin-care brands have soured to heights by paying attention to what matters. That is the design and style. In hopes of having a lower budget, brand owners don’t seem to realize that they might very well be reducing the chances of them succeeding. Providing quality content should always be the main objective of the article ring. So get your creative juices flowing and design the next big custom lotion boxes trend


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