Providing medical services through mobile apps is in trend nowadays. People are regularly using health apps to analyze their medical condition. Healthcare stakeholders are investing in developing a mobile application to provide better services to the patients & to encourage self-care management among them.

Patients are willing to use these apps to live a healthy lifestyle. In addition, they are benefited from the services like doctors on a video call, scheduling appointments online, etc. 

Although, apps developed by the healthcare app development company in India are intended to improve the overall medical conditions of the patients, they still need to think about the patient’s needs.

So, let’s have a talk on the same-

Things that patients are looking for in healthcare applications- 

When developing health apps, it is necessary to make a user-friendly application. The ability to schedule & cancel the appointment and easy access to the medical records are essential features that any healthcare application must provide. 

But in reality, very few applications have these features implemented on them because they are not aware of the patients’ requirements.

Below are some points that will tell about the needs of the patients in a healthcare app- 

  • Develop MVP

Before developing an app, building a Minimum Value product of your idea will help you know what the patients are looking for?

MVP is an essential app version with all the needed features. In addition, it acquires the user’s feedback regarding the health app, which leads to further development & optimization of it. 

  • Easy to use

Patients will not spend their time waiting for the confirmation of the booking or cancelling, and they want instant confirmation. So, in an easy manner, it can be said if a mobile app requires patients to invest time in figuring out how it works, they’ll no longer use your app.

So, a successful mobile healthcare app offers easy access to all the necessary functionalities.

It should save a huge amount of time and effort for patients instead of adding more.

  • Better communication with professionals

The healthcare apps should allow the patients to have an interactive communication with the professionals.

Providing a platform where patients can talk with doctors would help them both. These services help patients save their time and effort on hospital visits and allow doctors to analyse patients’ conditions more easily.

  • Detailed information

Patients want to know about their health conditions and the cause before taking any further steps. Therefore, a healthcare application must have detailed information about diseases and how to cure them. It can be in the form of a doctor’s recorded video or live chat with them.

If the information related to diseases & their cure will not be available, patients will switch to another application because they are not satisfied. 

  • Patient community

When an individual is getting treatment, they want to interact with another one with similar health conditions. It helps them to feel comfortable, which results in smooth therapies for patients. It will help to engage the patients with your application.

  • Amazing UI/ UX

Most users delete the app after the first use because of the poor user experience. This can be why some healthcare apps are not used after one time.

Therefore, your mobile app must have a user-friendly UI, which leads to accelerated engagement. 

  • Collaboration with wearable devices

Wearable gadgets can monitor a patient’s symptoms and send doctors updates on how their health is faring or improving. Also helps them to diagnose them according to the current situation.

These devices can collect blood sugar, heart rate, sleep patterns, and other physical activities, which allow patients to know more about their fitness routine and provide more control over their health.


The health industry is adopting digital technologies rapidly. Understanding the patient’s requirements & then implementing them into a live application, healthcare experts are working very hard on the same. 

If you are also in the health industry & want to provide a more convenient way to the patients, then Techugo is the best choice. 

The healthcare app development company in India, with their experts, are ready to help the patients with working on your unique idea. 

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