Dhat treatment

When there is an involuntary or without ejaculation loss of semen in urine or while passing stools, then you might be suffering from Dhat Rog.

Dhat Rog

The Sexologist in Ludhiana also calls either dhatu Rogue, semenpremia, prameh,Shukrameh, Jiryan, Spermatorrhoea, or Dhaat Syndrome, etc.

Man who suffers from dhat rog Open complaints to the doctor that whenever a day passes urine or go to a toilet a very sticky like substance which is basically your semen with no color comes out from his penis they also tell their Doctors about the slight burning sensation and pain in their penis.

Consult a professional sexologist for the best dhat rog treatment

For your Dhat Treatment in Ludhiana, you would want to consult one of the most reputable Sexologists near you. But how can you make sure that you are choosing the right one? Well, in this blog, we will discuss some of the finest me to consult Dhat rog specialists for the treatment.

  • Learn about his qualification and experience

The first step to finding a doctor for a sexual disorder is to read his qualification and ask about his experience with the particular problem that you are suffering from. Make no hesitancy to investigate your doctor beforehand as you would want the best for your treatment. If the doctor does not have an adequate amount of experience, then there is a chance that your problem might not get away easily. And you would not want that, would you?

  • Read the reviews of the previous patients

The next step you can follow is to read the reviews or ratings of a particular clinic or doctor Through their website or Google. Reading the real-life testimony will help you gather information about their working methods. It might not give you proper and sufficient information, but that will be enough to have a mild idea about the clinic.

  • Analyze the atmosphere and environment of the place

Sexual disorder brings a lot of hesitancy to talk. There are a lot of preconceived notions and taboos attached to it. Hence you would want someone Who will be able to make a comfortable place. This would help you talk about your issue in-depth and find the right Ayurvedic treatment for you.

Dhat Rog and confusion

There are times when people confuse another sexual issue with dhat rog.

  1. For example, sometimes, when men are in sexual thoughts while watching a porn video or reading porn material, then they might notice a sticky fluid coming out of the penis. You cannot consider that as dhat rog. It is instead a natural process, but if it comes out very often and in large quantities, then it can be an indication of premature ejaculation.

  2. Every substance that comes out of the penis during urination is not semen. Sometimes it can be calcium, protein, phosphate, pus cells, etc., so make sure that you get your urine tested.

  3. There are also situations when the stomach is upset or In constipation; the force during the bowel movement then there is a chance of semen to come out. This is because of constipation and not dhat rog.

Final comments

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