Sometimes unexpected things happen to us. It could be a strange sound or an unusual smell while you are riding your car. Similarly, a car could break down anywhere and anytime during your drive. Such a situation could also be a bit out of the blue while you are on a rushing road or a highway. Does it seem frightening while vehicles zooming by? Of course, it is natural to panic. 

However, there are preventive measures in terms of car maintenance. But, even a well-maintained car might have a sudden failure during a ride. Modern-day cars come with complex technology and are always vulnerable to technical failure even though manufacturers take care of every potential failure.

You might be experiencing a panic or stress on the occurrence of a sudden breakdown. Under such circumstances, it is essential to keep yourself calm. However, you should be prepared for a breakdown. 

What should be the course of action if you are in the middle of such a situation? The following guidelines should surely help you to tackle an unanticipated breakdown.

You need to take essential steps and avoid any hassle to keep yourself and others safe.

Firstly, try to clear the road

In case of a breakdown, first, you need to focus on getting off the road while your car is still moving, despite the engine being stalled or completely dead.

If you have a flat tyre, always try to reach a safer side of the road. At the same time, it is necessary to use hazard lights to caution other vehicles on the road about the trouble.

Essentially, car drivers hit the brakes if they encounter a sudden obstacle. However, it is not safe in case of a car breakdown. Moreover, it would help if you utilised the car’s momentum to target the safer side of the road.

If your car has lost momentum and cannot move further even by a shoulder, do not get out of the vehicle as it is safe to stay in your car while other cars, SUVs or even trucks are cruising by.

Use your signals to indicate other drivers about your predicament

Besides, you can take these steps to prioritise your and other drivers’ safety by signalling them about the breakdown.

  •   Turn on your emergency/hazard lights.
  •   Try to pop the hood of your car.
  •   Place the safety kits tools such as triangles, flags, or reflectors behind your car

In some cases, you can consider seeking help from other drivers. However, they might not get you out of the problem as a car repair needs professional expertise. In case you have to get off the road to a safer side, you can seek assistance for a fix of the issue or tow it to a place to get professional auto repair service.

We, at Service My Car, provide full-fledged roadside assistance for people struggling with any sort of issue on the road.

Avoid self-diagnostics and repair

Once a breakdown happens, you are always tempted to make your hands dirty. You might go sort of patience to apply a quick fix for an issue. Unless it is just a tyre replacement, you should consider professional help. You might feel about cracking the code, but most of the time, things are more complicated.

Besides, you can opt for the services of Service My Car. Our proficient mechanics are available for on-demand car repair of all sorts.

Assess the situation

You are cruising on a busy road or a highway before a sudden breakdown. You need to consider some time to assess a situation that always helps in managing things better.

In case of a breakdown, you should avoid the temptation to jump out of your car or interrupt the passing vehicles. Besides, you have safer alternatives to prevent the on-scene repair or exiting your vehicle by opting for a professional roadside assistance service like Service My Car.

At Service My Car, we provide reliable roadside assistance once you call or book the service on the app. Whether your car’s tyre is hit by the road or your car’s battery is down. You can also book service and location according to you, like Car Detailing Manchester then our Manchester location experts will fixed your all issues.

We provide seamless replacement of your spare tyre and are always ready to jumpstart or even replace the car battery on the scene.

Ask for roadside assistance

Seeking the service of a roadside assistance service provider is always worthy. Just call them on the helpline numbers. In case, you do not have a phone or it has been discharged, use the roadside emergency phone.

However, you need to leave your car if it is safe. Regardless of the technological advancement in the auto industry, it is impossible to avoid faults and failure.

You may have a blown tyre from a nail or debris. Your car may experience an electrical failure, flat battery, engine failure, brakes squeaking or grinding.

Our professionals are always available to service if you encounter a breakdown. If your car’s tyre is flat, requires a jump, or just gets locked out, we have the solutions.

Prevention of further breakdowns

If you wish to avoid unexpected stress or undesirable consequences, these proactive steps might help you to be ahead of any breakdown.

  • Never delay on the car service, including maintenance of brakes, oil replacement and essential fluid level checks.
  • Opt for car scanning and diagnostics to be aware of potential issues with your car.
  • Checking out the early signals of a potential breakdown, such as strange noises, uncommon odours, or even shaking.

The preventive mechanism diminishes the possibility of breakdowns. And, you can avoid such a stressful situation by making a wise choice.

At Service My Car, we are always available whether you need a fix for your car’s issue or entire car recovery. Get started by booking online on our website or by downloading the Service My Car app today.


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