School Shoes For Kids

Different types of shoes your child needs for your school are a good concern and only you will know the answer. Students have different schedules and do different activities that require footwear for those things. Fortunately, Start Rite Shoes discount code has a whole host of kid’s school shoes that can fulfill your child’s requirements fully. It is most important to remember that shoes are the focal part of your child’s school look.

Shoes should feel comfortable as a child will be wearing them for 30 – 40 hours weekly. So, the top priority for buying shoes for your child’s school should be to find the comfiest, most supportive footwear that will fit perfectly.

If you choose the wrong fit or an ill-fitting shoe then it can lead to long-term problems with your feet, legs, or even spinal health, so better to choose the right pair to curb such risk. 

Different Types Of Shoes Your Child May Need In School

Before heading to the shop to buy shoes you need to know some answers to a few questions. Like, what style do you want to buy, looking for a traditional leather school or running training shoes? If you want both options, then you should know how active your child is then you can decide what shoes will go perfectly for them. 

Last but not the least, your budget, how much you are willing to spend on buying shoes for your child school’s shoes. 

To get the answer to all such questions, the following thing you need to consider, read the whole blog for better understanding. 

Dress Code

The first thing you should do is to know the dress code requirement of a school if there is any. And ask school management and get complete guidance about what type of shoes your child can wear in school.

Buying shoes without asking the school management will waste your money because some schools enforce a strict dress code and only black leather shoes. However, another school allows you to wear any type of shape to wear. 

Running Shoes

Running shoes are such types of shoes that are comfortable for students of all ages if they are actively involved in games. Students wear such types of shoes as the main school shoe but as the name suggests it is only advised to be worn in the playground. For a better foot grip, stop, start, and make other sudden movements. 

Activity Level

Knowing how active your child is, is another factor that you should know when buying school shoes for your child. If a school has a dress code, then follow only the required footwear, otherwise, you can opt for any type of shoes for example cross trainer.

Providing your child better ankle support and deeper tread, and last much longer than running shoes. But if your child’s school has imposed a strict dress code then shop around for such a type of leather shoe that has a sportier and more robust tread. 

Budget for Growth

You need to see the budget and do mathematics to figure out the number of footwear you may need in a year. It all depends on the age of your child; children’s feet grow in spurt so expect shoe size changes. For example, you may need a new shoe every four months for kids aged between 2 – 3 years old, as they grow one-half shoe size every 4 months.

Kids aged between 3 – 4 years old need shoes every four to six months. Children aged 4 to 8-year-old outgrow shoes every 6 months. While outgrows shoes every 6 to 12 months are required for children aged between 9 to 12 years old. 

Features You Need To Look For 

After deciding the budget and style you need to buy for your child then you need to know what features to keep in mind whilst buying. You need to look for some features in children’s school shoes, for a better understanding read what features to look for in a child’s leather or running shoes for school.

Shoes should be comfortable and not too fancy to wear for school as they should be destroyed. Avoid buying shoes that are too heavy as it will be hard for your children to walk in and could cause pain.

Don’t buy overly thick-soled school shoes for your child as it can reduce sensory information getting through to the brain. Plus, don’t buy crocs for school shoes as they are not suitable for all-day use, so avoid buying rubber clogs.

And can also cause serious foot problems like they can lead to tendonitis, worsening of toe deformities, nail problems, corns, and calluses because they offer no heel stability. 

Also don’t buy ballets as they flat provide no cushioning for support at all, it can lead to pain under the ball of the foot.

Sneakers And Trainers For Student 

For children who are actively involved in any type of physical activity, then shoes are the most essential item in their school wardrobe. Such students will need trainers for PE classes during the week or for after-school practices. Picking up the right choices of school shoes varies on student interest.

Sneakers are the type of shoes that parents usually buy for their kids as for school shoes.  Sneakers also come in different colors but black and white color too, maintaining the decency required in school. You can’t buy fancy shoes for your kids to wear in their school. Trainers provide the perfect comfort and help children to train easily without any difficulties.

Tips To Buy The Best Shoes For School 

Summer is almost over and back school season is near, and it is time to get your backpack and other things ready, from stationery supplies to school outfits.

Some schools give supplies all by themselves and in some schools, you need to arrange for all stationery. But school shoes, and sweatsuits, are something that you need to prepare all by yourself. 

When heading back to school after a long summer break, sometimes your child puts on or loses some weight or grows taller, here footwear is the most technical part to prep. 

Sometimes, shoe sizes change when you try to wear them after a long time. That’s why when it comes to shoes, make sure to choose the right size for your kid as it can lead to many serious health issues, follow tips to get the right one.  

Take Ergonomics 

Some people are not familiar with this type, it refers to such shoes that can adapt to the physical characteristics of the foot. For this, you need to avoid buying larger sizes. I know most parents buy a larger shoe size, but if the size is not the right one then it could alter the way the child walks.

To know the right size, try them on socks and see if it fits the feet and if the toes rub against the tip then go for a larger one. Buy such shoes that are below the ankle like low-top sneakers, as they will not limit your natural movement. Some shoes allow the ankle’s bones to move freely, jump and run without any difficulties.

Special Attention To Resistance And Durability 

Choose such shoes that have great durability and long life. The type of shoe sole used in a shoe makes it durable and prevents them from tearing apart. A school shoe is made with a combination of 2 materials with toe reinforcement optimizing durability and protecting the foot.

So, choose wisely when buying shoes for your kids to wear in school, and look for such types that are easy to maintain. Look for such types of shoes that can be easily cleaned, such shoes you can clean down with a damp cloth and let them air dry.  

Make Sure School Shoes Are Breathable

A school shoe should have great breathability as children wear them for almost 30 to 40 hours a week. So, it is important to provide full comfort and it should be sweat-free and keep cool. If your child feels damp and hot then their foot becomes overheated, although, with a good level of breathability, everything will be cool. 

Aesthetics Are Also Important

When it comes to school shoes, most parents don’t focus on aesthetics because when you are buying school shoes aesthetics are left aside. If your child is wearing neat and clean shoes with a clean dress then it gives a great impression on others. It can also help your child go to school happier and with confidence. 

Different types of decent colors are also available in the market which can easily worn in school while maintaining school etiquette. If your child has a uniform or any dress code then such shoes are the perfect choice for aesthetics. 

Such tips will help you in choosing the right school shoes for your child and can make them happy. explore more shoe designs by using Uber Kids promo code in your shopping and buy them at low prices!

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