Best small-town day trips from major cities
Best small-town day trips from major cities

There are countless spots in multiple destinations where you prefer to travel as being an individual & family. However, these are famous for different activities that make your holidays totally remarkable. Let’s find out the memorable stops on the Florida west coast.

It’s quite famous for the beautiful & authentic beaches that somehow include theme parks & scenic views as Southwest airlines booking tries to make your travel affordable and comfortable with valuable services. The Atlantic well covers the state on one side & Gulf of Mexico on the other.

Here are the best stops on the West Coast of Florida:

  1. Tampa bay :

The first name on your travel list should be this place—an interesting place to make your enormous presence with family & friends. Here, the visitors will get to see the sparkling waterfront, high-profile chefs & several other things. Worldwide, tourists will not regret planning a day here.

Other than these things, you can probably rent two bikes & ride along the river walk. You can enjoy several views from the water, just book a kayak or go for a paddleboard. Although, while you are feeling hungry, approach the river walk side & there are two food halls. 

  1. Clearwater beach:

A perfect outdoor space where you can click multiple pictures & do whatever you wish to. Covered by the amazing scenic beauty and sparkling blue water and the white sand on the other side. You can spend some quality time with your family as well as play with your kids. These places carry out a certain aura that makes you completely stress-free.

Tourists can engrave their names on the rice grain & clap with the buskers as they perform feasts of amazing proportions. Hit pier 60 & enjoy the amazing sunset view.

  1. St. Petersburg:

It is none less than the above two, but on the other side, you will get to see the award-winning beaches and the best museums. Not only these, but you can also enjoy great outdoor fun. The best way to increase your social media followers is by making videos & click multiple pictures. 

You can’t miss out on visiting the Avant garden, located at the Dali museum, along with the melting clocks &, etc. There are several other attractions which make you feel delighted & above the world. Some amazing & gorgeous spots are situated on the Florida west coast.

  1. Sarasota :

To be more precise, it’s the cultural capital of the state and comprises spectacular beaches & restaurants. Moreover, it will take about soem day to explore the particular area. But somehow, you can only manage about spending a day or two then visit the Ludo key. In the past, only the whites were allowed here & during the 50s & 60s, the local residents staged here. 

Enjoy the whole day under the blue sky as well as get into the water & enjoy your great time while swimming. The visitors from the different parts of the world can easily accommodate themselves in the Art Ovation hotel.

  1. Venice :

Here you will find about 14 miles of beautiful white-sand beaches from Casey Key to Manasota Key. You can take a short walk, enjoy some beer at the Tiki bar & watch the kids rolling all around. However, paying a visit at the right time can help you to catch a training game at Cool Today park.

In addition to all, there is a trail of about 15 miles at the urban oasis, which is situated at Oscar Scherer Park. Unfortunately, there are quite insufficient hotels for accommodations, but you can find yourself a shelter at Home2suiteHilton, the best place with some unbelievable services.

  1. Fort Myers:

This place offers you a great experience of fishing, beaches & shopping are some of the interesting things to do. However, the palm tree-lined in Fort Myers is the best place to ride. As Thomas Edison was a true baseball fan & somehow, you can find his pictures in Oakland A’s museum. Travelers can avail the best in-flight services with the British airways booking desk. 

Moreover, you can grab something to eat at the McGregor cafe, where the delicious Lobster cake salad is served. Along with that, in the desert, the visitors can enjoy the key lime pie.

  1. Sanibel & Captiva island:

It’s quite a short distance from Fort Myers & there you will find the Sanibel island with an amazing sunset view. There are innumerable things that you can precisely explore here. However, these are not such high standard beaches, but still, you can have an unforgettable time. Planning for kayaking the mangroves of the Tarpon bay is counted among the top ten places in the nation. 

Although, you can choose to board a kayak & either go on your own or have a guided tour.  

  1. Pensacola Beach :

Considered as being among the best beaches on the Golf Coast. It’s known as one of the best places on the Florida west coast barrier islands. It’s not about swimming, but you can enjoy various things. These include fishing and multiple exciting activities for the worldwide commuters. Apart from these, you can have a great time surfing, snorkeling, diving, & others.

The Pensacola beach caters the visitors with an ultimate dining experience surrounded by an amazing seashore. You can also enjoy different kinds of delicacies offering a mouthwatering taste. Approach here with your family & kids, and let them also breathe some fresh air. There are several hotels, including RVs, camping & Condos. 

  1. Honeymoon Island state park:

Listed among the best places in the state of Florida for numerous love birds as well as married couples. Somehow it’s a place that has some of the other varieties that have the capability to make your vacation outstanding. It’s about four miles of beach to explore along with your partner. While moving forward, the visitors can have a look at the sky & find eagles. 

Not just these, there are various things such as ospreys followed by the owls. So, whenever you visit this state, don’t forget to pass by these venues.


We have thus provided you with the full-fledged details about the memorable stops marked on the Florida west coast. Take a break from your regular life & fly to these epic destinations for a great time. 


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