Coloring pages are one of the first pictures that a small child comes into contact with. Coloring is fun, but also a way to generally develop your child’s manual and mental skills. However, not all toddlers like to color. If our child avoids this activity, it is worth looking for solutions that will overcome this reluctance. Because coloring pictures are great fun and will prepare your child for further education.

Coloring is an introduction to writing

Children also have a problem with concentration – they are interested in many things at the same time, they still expect new stimuli – while coloring forces them to focus on one activity (you can read about planning games to increase the child’s concentration here ). Covering books or a printed coloring book with color is a training not only for patience, but also concentration, which is another feature necessary to successfully participate in school lessons.

And although many parents may think that scratching a finished picture does not develop imagination and creativity, it is not true, because children can choose colors according to their preferences and add elements that were not in the picture. What it will look like in the end depends only on the little ones.

Why are coloring books for children important in the development of toddlers?

How to encourage a child to color?

Children who do not want to color are in the minority, but it is worth convincing them to do so. To persuade them more easily, you can think about buying good quality colored pencils. In stores, we will get both for PLN 5 and for PLN 20. The more expensive ones often have more intense colors, they do not need to be pressed strongly against the paper, they do not break and are easy to sharpen, they are also thicker, thanks to which they fit better in a toddler’s hand. Drawing with poor quality crayons is difficult and daunting.

You should also remember about choosing the right pictures: coloring books for boys and girls – whether bought in a store or in the form of printable coloring pages for children – differ from each other, and children aged 3-4 years pay attention to what they color. If they only want to draw cars or only dolls, don’t make them color animals and landscapes. You can also make a gallery from ready-made pictures, which will be the pride of a little cartoonist.

Printable coloring pages for kids

Printable coloring pages Värityskuvat are a great way to provide your child with new patterns and pictures according to their individual preferences. To print a coloring page, all you need to do is have an inkjet or laser printer with black ink and a supply of paper. Thanks to this, you can give your toddler a few pages every day, which he can freely paint over.

Printable coloring pages for children are available, among others, on the Smily Play website and they perfectly suit the tastes of little cartoonists. And what is important for many parents – free printable coloring pages will save money, which usually has to be spent on ready-made books. They are also handy, because it is easier to draw on a single sheet of paper and you can immediately add a picture to your home gallery of small works of art.

Coloring pages for children – is it worth it?

Attracting a child’s attention for a long time can take a lot of effort. All this because our kids have a head full of ideas, and in addition they can get bored very quickly. Spending time with your child is not about turning on fairy tales. To spend valuable time together, we need not only organization, but also cunning and fantasy.

However, we must remember that a young person is a very creative character. His fun does not always require the presence of toys. Every parent knows that we can interest our child with manual work for a long time. In addition to the effective time spent together, we can exercise small motor skills with the child in this way. Coloring is the most popular and creative art game. And here, various kinds of coloring pages for children come to our aid.

Learn about the benefits of coloring

Preschoolers are learning new things intensively all the time. At this age, children practice their manual skills to make it easier for them to learn to write in the near future. It is preschoolers who must learn to direct their hands as they wish. Coloring pages teach it perfectly. Besides, they are a great way to exercise your concentration. These are not the only advantages of coloring pages. Help in times of boredom, developing imagination, learning colors and precise movements.

For coloring, the youngest eagerly use not only crayons, but also markers, felt-tip pens, paints and anything else that can be used to color a given picture. Children who spend more time coloring pictures are certainly better at learning to write. It also helps them develop an artistic sense. Moreover, a coloring book is a perfect solution, when we have to leave the child alone for a while and go to another room. Remember, however, that leaving your child alone too often while coloring will make the toddler less likely to play with coloring books. Every child appreciates the time spent with a parent. It is not a good idea to replace our presence with a coloring book.

Psychologist about coloring books

Before we send our child to school, he or she should begin to develop certain physical and mental functions. Certainly, they will be very useful while studying at school. Various coloring pages, patterns, connecting points or completing or drawing patterns play a big role in activating these functions.

Many parents wonder if coloring books are a good idea. According to them, children do not learn to think as creatively as during, for example, drawing on their own. In addition, when coloring, the child recreates what he sees, instead of being carried away by his imagination. Remember, however, that drawing itself does not always play the same role as coloring books. And the reproduction itself is not a bad thing. From the very beginning, a person learns by imitating, recreating activities that he observes before.

Undoubtedly, it is worth encouraging the child to creative work such as drawing. Exactly the same as it is worth encouraging to musical or dance improvisations. However, coloring, connecting points and drawing lines are also a very important element of a child’s development. In this way, the toddler learns to direct his hand, and thus, we slowly introduce him to the world of learning to write. Coloring pages and the above-mentioned tasks are preventive exercises. They prevent future reading and writing problems.

Coloring pages are unfolding. Undoubtedly, this type of play develops visual analysis and synthesis in the child. It encourages hand-eye coordination and teaches precise movements of both fingers and the whole hand. In addition, it helps to control muscle tension, which directly contributes to the movement of the crayons. The amazing thing is that coloring can also develop memory. Check if the child remembers what colors his favorite fairy tale character has.

The child will be able to create a creative piece of art and compare it with the pattern if he wants to. So it is a chance for the child to develop independent thinking and comparison. Coloring pages can also develop a child’s imagination. When combining points, the child imagines what the hero will look like or the shape he is creating. Coloring undeniably develops children comprehensively.

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