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To give better client care, the help group ought to be outfitted with better data. On occasion, it could take a ton of inside correspondence prior to giving the right answer to the client. Utilizing messages to discuss inside with the group to concoct an answer is wasteful and beats the general purpose of having a state-of-the-art support instrument.

A help leader can make an inquiry or two on the floor for explanation or help on a specific point, yet toward the day’s end it’s not on record and probably won’t be the smartest thought when the ticket is up for a survey. To resolve issues like these, HappyFox offers the Private Note include. There couldn’t be a superior method for conveying inside and is only ideal for recording the help cycle completely.

Totally Private

Consistent with its name, Private Notes are exceptionally private and are apparently just to your staff. The client would never get to or get hold of a privnote. Never. The utilization case situation for a private note could be anything. For instance, to answer back to a client mentioning a markdown, a help leader could require the contribution of the charging or showcasing group. A private note speedily opens up a conversation toward the finish of which the client is notified about the result.

Private Notes check out in the event that you have a disseminated labor force

Regardless of where your help, tasks, or showcasing group is found, they can cooperate right from HappyFox to give an elite client service insight. At the point when a portion of the help group is leaving toward the finish of their shift, private notes enumerating the essential pieces of a discussion with the client guarantee that the group venturing into another shift could stir things up around town running when they sign in.

Making a Private Note

Making a private note is very basic as well. In the ticket subtleties screen, click on the Add Private Note button.

Creating a Private Note

In the private note segment, you can create a message very much like you would all other times, with the exception of this time just individuals from your group approach the update. Since private notes convey email alarms to all beneficiaries, utilize the drop-down menu to choose just the individuals who are applicable to this specific discussion.

An Example Private Note

When refreshed, private notes are unmistakably set apart for clearness so there could be no disarray in recognizing inner and outer correspondence.

Private Note in a DiscussionThere is no restriction on the number of private notes that could be made for each ticket.

Overseeing Notices

Even though part of a gathering, there probably won’t be a need to remember everybody for the client care process. The individuals who would rather not be a piece of this cycle can switch off private note cautions from their Settings page.

The most effective method to add a private note in an instant message that is simply noticeable to you and your colleagues is Texty Expert, you can leave a private note straightforwardly in an SMS discussion for you and other internal colleagues to see. This private note will shipp off to your clients. Figure out how to add a note inside a text informing discussion that is simply noticeable to you and your colleagues.

Leave a Private Note or a Message in an SMS Discussion

A private note considers individuals to impart privately with regards to a discussion. While the messages are displayed in the channel, they are not sent by SMS to the contact. They stay a little note amidst the text discussion to assist you with making a note about the procedures for you and different individuals. It very well may be helpful to pose an inquiry to another part and get an answer without leaving the page. For solo plans, you can record moves initiated or decisions after a discussion is done.

To leave an inner private note for your and different individuals:

  1. Select a current SMS discussion channel
  2. Select Private Note under the informing input box. At the point when the private note is chosen, the informing box will become yellow like a tacky note.
  3. Once you have composed a private note in the information box, click on the ADD button to add your private note to the SMS discussion
  4. Your private note will show up in yellow and will be apparent just to you and your colleagues while reviewing the discussion

Your notes must be seen by colleagues. Private notes are useful for following data and working together during client service correspondence. Clients can see the discussion encompassing a note for better setting in helping and making up for lost time. It’s a straightforward method for adding data to particular cooperation.

A couple of notes on private notes:

  • Private notes are accessible for all membership plans
  • The username, profile picture, and a period stamp will be shown with the private note message to show which client added the private note
  • Utilize the to make reference to a part in a private note. The dynamic individual’s names will show over the text box, you can choose a client from the rundown.
  • Text, emoticons, and pictures can be added as a private note
  • Private notes don’t figure in with your complete month-to-month SMS/MMS remittance

Questions, Remarks, and Private Notes

Questions (and replies)

A client can pose an Inquiry straightforwardly on a Statement. You’ll provoke to respond to the Inquiry with an Email Warning and a Dashboard Message, which will stay until you reply or excuse the Inquiry.


You can add a Remark to a Statement and your client will get an Email Warning containing the Remark and a connection to see the Statement.

Private Notes

As a Statement Creator, you can add a Private Note to a Statement, which just you and your kindred Colleagues will actually want to see. A study utilizing Private Notes.

Records and Pictures

You can add records and pictures to any Remark, Reply, or Private Note. Quote beneficiaries can likewise add records and pictures while posing an Inquiry on a Statement.

Basically simplified your record or picture from your PC onto the Remark. Reply, or Private Note, or hit the ‘Add Picture or Document’ button, then, at that point. Peruse for your records or pictures.

Adding Private Notes

It’s a decent practice to add insights concerning the investigating you acted in the ticket. You can keep up with logs of the headway made by including private notes on the ticket. You can likewise utilize notes to talk about the ticket with different specialists.

To add a private note,

  • Go to the ticket’s definite view and snap on the Add note interface under the ticket
  • Type the note and arrangement it.
  • You can embed pictures (screen captures of the blunder message and so forth) and furthermore connect an answer

article (to show the means you could have attempted).

  • You might connect a record either from your PC or from your Dropbox account.
  • In the event that you might want to tell an individual specialist about the note. Enter their name in the Advice Specialists
  • At the point when you’re finished, click on Add Private Note.

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