Do moving companies charge by weight or volume

When moving in a short distance around your area, most moving companies will charge based on the amount of time they spend working and the number of people it takes to complete that job.

A move within the same city might take a less experienced crew four hours and be charged on an hourly basis.

Whereas a team who can take care of more complicated jobs may need to bring in more people and have more experience.

Who work eight-hour days during regular business hours but in some cases may even work longer if there is bad weather or traffic causing delays. In addition, some movers offer discounts for weekend moves as well.

There are several moving options available to you once it’s time for you to move from your current home or apartment.

You can have a full-service mover, who will pack up all of your belongings, drive them to your new residence, unpack and set everything exactly where you want it.

Or if some help would suffice, there is the option of hiring just movers who will load and unload trucks and/or other vehicles.

The cheapest option however is self-move which allows one to rent a truck or obtain extra hands, although this often isn’t the most convenient option due to the physical exertion required – but if the funds are limited this won’t be an issue!

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Local Movers Charge

If you are moving your office location, or even just going across town; there are a variety of different ways to save yourself time and money when it comes to the logistics of half a year’s worth of business attire.

A great way is to have one large shipping container delivered where you can put everything in once and get it all out perfectly organized and with no damage whatsoever.

The cost will also be much reduced as containers cost less than having boxes shipped off individually as if they were individual pieces of art.

Depending on your own specific moving needs, pricing will vary. The more workers or moving trucks required for your specific move, the higher the rate per hour will be as well.

For example, a moving truck and 2 helpers may cost $120 per hour. A moving truck and 3 helpers may charge $175 per hour. 2 moving trucks and 4 helpers may cost $240-$270 per hour etc.

The idea of movers vs. using your own pickup truck or trailer to make a long distance move may be confusing and overwhelming. Which option to go with, here is some information that may help.

Local Movers Charge

Minimums Charge

Local movers typically have minimums. Minimum moving rates are the least amount a moving company will charge for a job. A typical minimum for local movers is 3 hours of work.

The reason local companies do this is so that they don’t end up wasting their time and money moving just one or two things for someone, like if simply need help transporting clothes to a storage unit a few miles away.

With local movers, the smallest amount of time it would cost to have your items moved is three hours.

For example, if you were planning on moving one item a short distance, chances are your mover will charge you for at least three hours of work.

Even though it may only take less than that amount of time to complete the move. Local moving companies usually have minimums for the amount of time it takes for them to move your items.

So if you are moving just one item, a moving company might charge the same amount of money as they would if they were moving a car from one city to another.

Packing Material charges

Many moving companies charge a flat-fee for their services based on the total weight of all items to be shipped.

However, it is possible to save money on moving supplies by saving and packing household items in large boxes (like pet food), recycling old boxes, buying larger quantities of plastic wrap or covering windows with newspaper.

A good alternative for packing materials would be to create something with the kids! They will be all excited about it, and even you might have fun as well.

If you need additional packing materials for your move, such as boxes and paper, moving companies often charge extra for those packing items. Here are budget-friendly options to get them anyway.

Packing Material charges

Carton Packing Services

Most local moving companies will also offer carton packing services as an option. It’s common for movers to charge standard hourly rates and additional charges.

But do your research to confirm whether they do or not. If a company does charge separately, this is something you need to take into consideration when calculating the final price of your move.

Since it may save you money to hire a mover who provides this extra service for free. Most local moves don’t come with too many extra costs beyond what could be expected.

Mostly inside their hourly rate which is the same regardless of how straightforward or troublesome the move ends up being (elevators, stairways, etc.).

When moving in your local area there are basically two options when it comes to transportation. One is hiring a moving van and the other is hiring a moving truck.

There are pros and cons to both, but ideally with a bigger truck and fewer stairs involved, you will save money with an option that involves renting a larger vehicle like a 26 to its impressive cargo capacity.

The challenge comes in however when you have more than 8-10 flights, because each flight is at least $10 per flight.

This can get expensive quickly so we suggest taking advantage of the Uhaul truck rental option, making sure that you only use it for longer moves if possible, as they can cost quite a bit particularly with only flights involved.

Carton Packing Services

Advanced Charges

These are any third party services that a moving company will pre-pay for on behalf of the consumer. Let’s say, for example, a mover has to hire a special rigging company to move something large.

The moving company will pre-pay for that service on behalf of the consumer and it would be added to the final bill.

These are any third party services that a moving company will pay for in advance, and then bill the consumer after the job is complete.

For example, if a mover has to hire a special rigging company to move something large, the moving company will pay for that service and add that to the bill for the customer.


It is a common misconception that all moving companies charge by weight. This is not always the case. In fact, many moving companies charge by the volume of the items being moved.

Since volume is estimation, it is important to have an accurate and realistic measurement of the volume of your belongings.

Do not be surprised if your moving company charges you based on volume and not weight. There are quite a few moving companies out there, but only a few of them are real movers.

If you are looking for moving companies that are able to provide the services you need, you should look for a company that has years of experience in the moving industry.

A real moving company will have a network of trucks in your area, and they will have over a decade of experience in the moving industry.

A real moving company will have a fleet of trucks that are large enough to handle any move that you need, regardless of its size.

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