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Best doctors are those who are the most ingenious inspirers of hope.” It is their reassuring words that gain strength in any of us. Amidst many situations running across, their words every time double the assurity to bounce back. Not just on regular modes, they have now far reached the technology to make sure their services are catered during every needed situation through online doctor consultation app like Practo 

With the advent of new technologies in other sectors, the medical industry is advancing every day, and these online appointment scheduling apps are like icing on the cake. These apps facilitate the patients and doctors to connect with each other without any physical infrastructure easily. A simple mobile with an internet connection can get you all done. 

The Growing Factors In The Field Of Online Healthcare Apps

  • The healthcare app markets are scaling up and are expected to reach $386 billion by 2025. 
  • 70% of the patients find it convenient to use online healthcare apps facilitating doctor consultation features. 
  • The industry is expected to grow 500% with online medical consultation apps. 
  • The telemedicine industry through online healthcare apps is anticipated to gain $5.4 billion in revenue by 2025
  • 80% of the users during the lockdown were benefited through online Doctor apps. Most of them were first-time users.
  • With a success rate of 67% in India, the patients were visited directly by the doctors. 
  • 62% of psychiatry consultations for the 21-30 age category successfully happened online. 

Reasons To Rely On The On-demand Healthcare Apps

  1. Users and doctors find the app easy to access.
  2. Increased consultation time 
  3. Easy to get Specialist appointments.
  4. Peer to peer review
  5. Benefits rural audience
  6. Effective solution during emergency
  7. It eliminates the need for Physical structures

Despite there being a great market value with 280 billion dollar revenue in the south-Asian countries, the demand is leaping all over the world. And there is still 75% of people struggling to find efficient infrastructure to get good treatment for their health issues. Yet there is not a single day without mobile phones, and this one factor is more sufficient to develop online healthcare apps like Practo to take care of global healthcare issues. 

Benefits To Practitioners And Doctors Through Healthcare apps

The pressing situation has forced the medical industry to move towards digitization. With the new-normal, online doctor consultation is becoming one common norm. There have been different surveys, and their results are supporting the need for online doctor apps. 42% of people prefer this contactless, time-effective consultation process. And through different doctor consultation apps, especially like Practo, technology gave efficient solutions to rely on. 

Through apps, the doctors and practitioners can conveniently render their healthcare service, discussions, consultations, etc., at ease from their place. And in terms of revenue, there are lucrative chances through the app. And helps the service facilitators to have field updates. 

Won’t you as a service facilitator take advantage of this situation?

Never! With increased opportunities, doctors and practitioners also show interest towards these apps. 

Extended Solution With Online Doctor Appointment App

  1. Online direct doctor consultation 
  2. Real-time appointment booking facility
  3. Instant and effortless appointment booking 
  4. Constructive specialist suggestion 
  5. Online pharmacy
  6. Online prescription delivery service
  7. VR assistance to answer simple queries
  8. Cloud storage to store medical records.

Exclusive Features In An E-doctor Consulting App 

By enhancing the app with effective features, the user, doctor, and the admin will be able to encompass their services effectively. Thereby all the players in the app are wholeheartedly benefited. 

  • User/ Patient app

The easy and quick onboarding process

Effective search tool with improved filters

Multiple categories

Search doctors 

Appointment booking

Payment gateways

Reports uploading and downloading option

Prescription receiving 

Online ordering options

  • Doctor/ Practitioner app

The easy and quick onboarding process

Simple options to feature

Accept, deny, and rescheduling option

Payment status

Online prescription management

Download and upload reports

  • The Admin panel

This panel, having the entire control of the app, has the ability to effectively manage all the needs, including the user app, doctor app, and the payment portals. 

Listed Below Are Few Advanced Features That Can Be Incorporated In Your App

  • HD video Configuration
  • Models based on Subscription
  • Online Pharmacy integration
  • Prescription delivery 
  • Report analysis

Benefits of Developing Practo Clone App

User friendly 

The simple app structure attracts users and doctors to get themself listed in the app. Its user-friendly interface is easy to navigate and trouble-free to communicate with each other. 

Unchaotic scheduling options

The app facilitates the user with the instant appointment-making options. The need to wait, the time involved, and the energy is all completely eliminated through these apps. 

Secured interface 

In terms of payment and other services, the app tends to maintain security within the app. With multiple payment options and digital wallet access, the app ensures to handle the information safely and securely.

Audio-video support

This decentralized app has a convenient audio and video facility. And users can choose between the modes based on their preferences. Thereby the user gets to consult from a global specialist without any physical barrier. 


The service facilitators and users can easily set up their profiles. There are personalization options to make required changes and update information anytime and anywhere as convenient. 

On-demand service

Through on-demand apps like Practo, it’s the most conducive way to ease the on-demand health care service. Its efficiency makes the process easy and effortless.  

Develop Your Practo Clone App

Seeing all these, you must be curious to know how more effective you can utilize your Practo clone app. These apps help a lot of doctors, entrepreneurs, health care centers, etc., to instantly kickstart their on-demand doctor booking venture. You can conveniently provide your service through customized and dynamic healthcare solutions by erecting your Practo clone app. And the entire service, including doctor appointments, health consultation, discussion with the therapist, report analysis, etc., can happen in a click. Which profitably brings in an increased range of audience to the app and gains user interactivity. And revenue, without a doubt, flows down in your app. 

Make your app more versatile, including white label solutions, and add customization to integrate advanced features. Based on the app’s users and the geographical location, external attributes like multi-language and multiple currencies to attract a wider audience irrespective of their physical limitations. Developing a Practo clone app is a cost-effective solution that can be acted upon to expand your business venture through online mode.  

With all the crucial reach and analysis in the backend, analyze the market and know the leveraging terms that benefit your business through the app. And reach out to an efficient developer in town and get your cutting-edge Practo clone app developed and launched with no delay. And there you are to reach out to an extended audience with greater business opportunities to flourish globally. 



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