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QuickBooks component repair tool is designed to fix issues within the Microsoft components. At times, users witness several errors due to corruption within Microsoft Visual, Microsoft MSXML, C++, and Microsoft .Net Framework. Due to this, QuickBooks performs slowly and even stops in the middle of the work. 


Microsoft components are essential for a better performance of QuickBooks. However, glitches within them can form so many other problems. So, it is recommended to use this one and only QuickBooks component repair tool on your device for fixing issues. 


The tool is specifically designed for components issues. Therefore, make sure to use it whenever you are struggling with any QuickBooks desktop errors. Also, the tool helps in resolving the installation issue too. So, it would always be the best advice to run this software on the device. 


What is QuickBooks Component Repair Tool?


Before using the component repair tool QuickBooks, the user needs to understand the software. It is a tool that helps resolve common installation errors. The developers designed the tool to fix the issues during the usage of .NET framework and another component of windows. This tool does not require any additional configuration and it can easily scan the QuickBooks component. Below is a list of the errors that you can resolve by using the component repair tool.


Error code 1935

QuickBooks Error code 1603

Error code 1402

Error code 1904

QuickBooks desktop installation errors

Microsoft components related bugs

Microsoft.NET Framework

Microsoft MSXML


Users can download the tool without spending a penny. The tool is very cost-effective and helps the user to easily resolve the issue that they are facing. So read the whole article till the end to learn about the component repair tool in depth.


How to Download the Component Repair Tool?


Now since we know the importance and the necessity of the QuickBooks Component Repair Tool, it is time to download it. As we have discussed no additional setup is required to download the software. Hence follow the simple steps below to download the tool.


Before downloading this tool, close all the running programs.

After that download, the QuickBooks component repair tool setup file. Visit the official website of Intuit for a QuickBooks component repair tool download.

Click on the downloaded file and then perform the displayed instructions to complete the process.


The final step is to reboot the system and then try to run the tool.


How to Use the QuickBooks Component Repair Tool

After the successful downloading of the component repair tool, now it is time to use it for resolving the problem.


The first and most important step of the component repair tool is to reboot the system after downloading the tool and before running it on your computer.

Then, close the programs.

The next step is to install the QuickBooks Component repair tool. If not downloaded then download the tool first by following the above-given steps.

The user can then use the software to detect the issue from the system and then solve it.

After solving it, you can now reboot the PC.

Resolve the QuickBooks Install Errors Using the Tool

QuickBooks Diagnostic Tool is an amazing tool that helps users to fix the QuickBooks Component Repair Tool. However, sometimes the tool could resolve the problem that is related to Microsoft components. There are a few methods that are used to solve the problem, they are:


Rebuild the .NET Framework.

Reconstruct the Microsoft MSXML manually.

In the steps below we will discuss the methods in detail. Hence stay with us and read the whole article thoroughly.


Step 1: Fixing .NET Framework Errors


quickbooks component repair tool

With the use of .NET Framework, the QuickBooks Desktop is used to connect the data with the software. The tool is developed by Microsoft. The user might experience Error 1603, Error 1904, Error 1903, and Error 1722 if the component is corrupted. Follow the given steps to fix the component.


To initiate the step you first need to have the Component repair tool. If you have not already downloaded it, then download and then install the QuickBooks Component repair tool.

Save the file on the local desktop.

Before using the tool, close all the running programs.

And then, double click on the downloaded file QBInstall_Tool_v2.exe.

After completing the detection process, the user needs to restart the device.

If you are still experiencing the error even after successful installation of Microsoft.NET Framework.

Press the Windows button on your keyboard.

In the search bar, enter Windows Update.

Now check if the Updates are working properly.


Step 2: Reconstructing Microsoft MSXML


Microsoft MSXML repair tool quickbooks

The QuickBooks installation process generally does not work when detecting a damaged Microsoft MSXML component. To resolve the issue follow the steps below:


The user needs to register the MSXML.dll file to start the process.

After completing the registration, the user is required to uninstall the MSXML 6.0.

Reinstall the tool.

Following the above steps, uninstall MSXML 6.0 Service Pack 1 and then again reinstall it.

After that, try to repair the damaged MSXML 6.0 file with the help of the  Component repair tool.


Step 3: Download Windows Update



Users might be facing the issue due to the outdated version of Windows which does not support QuickBooks. The older version can cause errors like .NET, C++, MSXML, etc. If you are also using an older version of Windows then follow the steps below to download the latest error.


Press the Windows button on your keyboard and then type “Windows” on the search bar.

After the update of the Windows, try to restart or reboot the computer for better performance.

Then Install the QuickBooks software or QuickBooks component repair tool Windows.

Check if you are still facing any kind of error.



With this, we are ending this post. We hope that you have no queries regarding the use of the component repair tool QuickBooks. However, if you want to know more about this, Please contact our quickbooks error support Team


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