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Fold a moving box correctly here; you will find out in 4 simple steps how easy it is to assemble moving boxes.

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Experienced moving helpers know that almost every moving box is flat or not assembled in its original state. This is extremely practical.

Because if you hire a furniture taxi to transport your belongings, you usually book the moving boxes with it.

When not folded up, the “SM Custom Packaging” made of sturdy cardboard can be conveniently stacked on top of each other for more flexibility

Ordering moving boxes in advance from a trusted shipping company has the decisive advantage that you don’t have to ask friends or acquaintances for suitable or well preserved packages because that takes time.

In addition, experience has shown that many private boxes are not always in excellent condition, so that there are certainly also “rejects.” Save that and order your boxes when booking the furniture transporter.

Gift Packaging and surprises in a square or rectangular shape are the most common solutions.

Before you can fill the boxes supplied, you have to fold them. But that can be done in just a few simple steps.

 You can easily fold your moving box in just four steps

Assemble the box. Here’s how:

1) When everything is upside down

To fold a box correctly, you should start as follows: First, turn the box upside down because the folding pieces are usually attached to the underside. Corresponding arrows, signs, or words indicate in which position the box is “upside-down.”

2) Close the flap

Now you only need to fold one of the short side pieces inwards on both sides. In the ideal case, the two opposite short segments are then directly opposite.

3) Always lengthways

Folding moving boxes now continues with the elongated side panel. This is folded over the short side pieces into the inside of the box.

Then it points straight down. Repeat the steps explained above for the remaining side pieces in the same order.

Then the bottom of the box is finished and its texture is solid. Turn the boxes over so you can look directly at the long side pieces inside the container.

If you fold this down on the moving box bottom, the complete stability of the base segment is guaranteed.

Tip: Make sure that you will encounter stiff resistance in the middle part of the cardboard bottom when you fold in the elongated side element. But that’s not a problem; it just shows the stability of the cardboard box.

4) Turn around and go on

Depending on the moving box, you can now feel at least two pre cut grip areas on the side. Push them inward until they are pointing straight down.

The outer cut of the short side parts is then bent outwards. Finally, fold in the short side parts so that they are in a horizontal position.

After the elongated side elements have been folded in, they can form a unit with the short ones. The box is thus closed but can be opened again at will.


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You can even book moving boxes if you need them. You can also get help with cardboard bottom folds in the guide free of charge.

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