I did with Teresa and Doug Smith. That’s me, a former employee of eBay. There is a 25-plus year okay reselling on eBay. She does tests of features for eBay unless perfectly ebay listing template number one user of LP. We talked last week about resources for people in your situation. Okay, do you know what options Eva will give you?

High Converting Ebay Listing Template

When you’re new and not very familiar with where to go and get them, we’re going to help you, Lisa. Okay, subscribe and like us. Yeah, if you have time, it can be a banner alert that you’ll get when I do my listing 101 class, which is an hour class Tuesday at 9:00 a.m. pacific time, and I’m happy to go over the stuff very specific to you and what you sell.

How to do that on that call, and you can share your screen. I can share my screen and I can really really go into detail with you about that if you want to do that, but absolutely, I can help you with eBay. The Facebook group has lots and lots of student sellers in it.

Professional Ebay Listing Template

Your ebay questions to all those people from the boss group. Okay, many of them are English-perfect, and they were a big family, so go to these groups, don’t waste time, we’re here to help you and I love a new eBay newbie. Some people will say go figure it out and read it. Nope, I’m happy to share my 25 years of experience and save you some heartache.

You know, some things you won’t have to worry about. I saw you were selling tumblers, so let’s talk about it. It’s absolutely [Laughter] I love it. Okay, who’s gonna get the giveaway today? Okay, uh, celine or Tiffany okay, you know, announced, you may announceOkay, Flipping Hippo says I love teaching too. I love it. Okay, is a great teacher as well. Yeah, she’s incredible. Flipping Hippos YouTube channel is incredible. Also an incredible ebay seller.

She has flipped Okay, it’s another facebook group that you should be ebay template design included in. She’s like, who’s gonna win three? We’re gon na choose three people to get one month of free lease. If your existing customer lives perfectly, don’t worry because that means you get a month for free of any plan. Are you in business or simple?

Design Your Ebay Listing Template

You can go pro or maybe you want to i don’t know you’re from the pro and you’re going to try the business okay anything you want to try um you know that’s the uh we’re going to give you so if you’re a new member you can sign up for any plan and if you’re an existing member you can switch to any plan you want give let me just let me just put a little picture if you win one of these update to the pro plan.

The month because it gives you the best opportunity to see all the features and most of the time, once you see all the features, you understand that it’s so well worth the extra 67 cents a day to just get it going. That’s right, that’s right. Lisa, somebody will put the Facebook group link in there. Um, from the list perfectly team. Oh wow, Lisa, somebody will put the Facebook group link in there.

Best Ebay Listing Template

I love it. Wow, this is amazing. Lisa, you just showed up and you won’t go amazing. Get the pro plan. Yeah, but Lisa is a beginner, so Lisa, I recommend you because I don’t know if you’re new to eBay or reselling, but if you’re new to eBay, get the pro plan, but if you’re new to reselling, you might want to get the business plan. I recommend yeah. Let me let me jump in here. I would say that’s a pro plan because it’s free for the first month. She can come join my listing 101 because


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