Online classes have been a necessity thrust upon us, rather than an option. The COVID-19 pandemic has led to the surge of online classes. Schools, colleges, tuition centers, and coaching academies have started exploring online coaching using digital technology. The best schools in Thrissur have gone a long way by implementing international quality infrastructure for making the online classes effective and fruitful.

How effective is online learning during COVID-19?

The efficacy of online learning directly depends on the teaching methodology, the interactive techniques, and the facilities used by the teachers. You cannot state a generic opinion without considering the factors that define online coaching.

Benefits of Online Coaching

The availability of the internet at affordable rates has made this online revolution possible. Efforts from famed personalities and the government have been helpful in ensuring that the majority of students have smartphones or laptops.


Online classes let you be at the safety of home and attend it.  No need of travelling on public transport or worry about maintaining social distance. Due to the Covid situation, maintaining physical distance is a must and online learning facilitates opportunities to interact with others within their spaces. 

Availability of Time

The time saved in travelling to the educational institution can be used for relaxation and studies. Students can now maximise their time for studying and personal development activities which can benefit their future.

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Choose the Academy You Want

Opting for any academy or coaching center, located in any part of the world, is easy with online learning. You can check out the online reviews or attend a couple of sample classes and decide which tuition center to join. There are practically no geographical limitations when it comes to online coaching.

Affordable Tuitions

Select the most affordable package from the chosen tuition center. Most of them offer customized packages depending on the requirement of the student. No strict requirement of paying for the complete package. You can pick only the subjects you want and pay the tuition fee for those.

Flexible Schedules

Online academies will have the flexibility to choose the class schedules. The student can reschedule a particular session if he or she misses it. The rescheduling may require contacting the centre in advance and informing them about the same. Recorded sessions also would be available, which can be used for revisions.

Ample Resources

The students get an opportunity to revise the topic anytime they want. Since the online classes can be recorded, students can easily refer to the resources anytime. This makes the practice and learning easy for them. So no need for tension in missing lecture notes for students.

Limitations of Online Learning

Besides offering an array of advantages, online learning possesses a few limitations as well. Modern schools and other educational institutions with a student-centric attitude will have a specifically formulated methodology to overcome such limitations.

Teaching Method Matters

The teachers and students are located in different physical spaces. This puts a major limitation in conveying concepts effectively. Making the qualification and experience of the teacher and the teaching methodology he or she uses very important.  

Technology Used is Paramount

Online learning must be using innovative technology that helps in creating an interactive learning atmosphere. Check out the technologies and facilities they offer before you join an online academy.

Dedication of the Teachers

The teachers must be dedicated enough to observe each student in the class. The online classes are a bit intricate in this regard. Some of the students might not be concentrating on the class or may be involved in other activities. The teacher must be keen to keep them all motivated and remain focused on the class.

Limited Feedback

In traditional classrooms, teachers can give face to face feedback to students and vice versa. Personalised feedback is important for students’ growth. e-learning does not provide effective feedback opportunities. Even though we can ask children for feedback through online classes they may not be that much comfortable with the process and even miss the genuine feedback.

Lack of Communication Development

Developing communication skills is a must for any individual. Due to limited interaction between peers and teachers, students often miss this and are unable to improve their communication. Neglecting communication skills will lead to students with a high academic score but unable to pass their knowledge to others.

Social Isolation

Man is a social being, but what online learning is doing is creating a notion of social interaction. Due to lack of interaction with real-world situations, students often miss important lessons that can only be taught by actual interactions between people. Social isolation leads to situations like anxiety, stress and negative thoughts. 

How to Choose a School for your Kid?

Choosing the school for your kid can be tricky. Soon the online classes would be discontinued and schools will revert to traditional classes. Therefore, it is useful to select a school that has a perfect blend of advanced online classes and dedicatedly designed school facilities.

One of the top schools in Thrissur, The International School of Thrissur (TIST), could be taken as an example in this regard. They have a methodically set up online classes and a wide range of school facilities. The infrastructure including the game zone, library, and lab would facilitate both the mental and physical development of the students.  

The specialities that make TIST the best one are:

  • Brilliantly designed online classes
  • Usage of advanced technology in online classes that help in the overall development of the students
  • Facilities in the school are:

o   Library and digital library

o   Lab

o   Play Court Zone

o   Swimming Pool

o   Multipurpose Hall

o   Student Counselling Cell

o   Career Counselling Cell

o   Sick Bay

o   Hostel Facility

Undertake proper research before you choose the school for your kid. Schools have an important role in crafting their future. So choose the best institution that can not only help them in their academics but also in their personal development as well.


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