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When flying to Israeli airline El Al, you’ll be flying with the national airline of Israel, Elal matmid. Although this airline has an impeccable safety record. That doesn’t mean you should assume that your flight will go as planned. You should know how to check in for your El Al Airlines flights and what to do if there are any issues with your Elal booking or boarding pass. In this article, we’ll go over the steps of checking in for your ElAl Airlines flights so you can arrive relaxed and rested at your destination!

Book your ElAL Flights

Planning ahead can save you time and hassle on your trip. To start, be sure you’ve booked your flight and entered a valid credit card number; that way, you can begin checking in well before your scheduled departure time. If you’re traveling with children or have any special needs, Contact El Al Customer Service team at least 48 hours before takeoff to book accommodations.

Confirm your Elal Tickets

After booking your ticket online, it’s time to finalize your flight details. Log in or register on El Al Airlines Website, and check that you have all of your flight information (flight number, departure and arrival dates/times, passenger names) correct. The airline may also send you an email with a list of required documents needed prior to El al boarding pass—make sure you follow all instructions carefully! A printout of these instructions is always a good idea. Once everything has been finalized, call El Al Customer Service directly at +1-888-801-0869. The service will cost about NIS 5 per ticket and can be paid over the phone with a credit card.

Get to the Check In El Al Airport

The earlier you arrive at your departure airport. The more time you’ll have to Elal check in and pass through security. And if you’re flying within Europe on El Al Israel Airlines. You’ll want to make sure that you arrive at least two hours before your flight leaves. El Al Plane doesn’t charge additional fees for early El Al Online Check In or other services. But passengers are not permitted on a plane without passing security first. Furthermore, in general. It’s best practice—and usually required by law—to allow enough time between flights when traveling with carry-on bags only. otherwise, Your bag might be checked and lost.

El Al Baggage allowance rules

First and foremost, plan on checking a bag. According to El Al Website, as of May 2015 you can only carry one small personal item (e.g., handbag or briefcase) and one larger piece of luggage (no more than 18x26x56 inches) on board with you in addition to your carry-on bags. Any additional luggage items must be checked at baggage claim before boarding or during Elal Check-in, depending on when you’re arriving at your final Elal destination. For example, if you’re connecting through Israel from Europe, you will be able to check your second bag once you arrive at Ben Gurion International Airport in Tel Aviv but if not then it will have to be checked in upon arrival at your original airport location.

Seat Elal Reservations

Some airlines let you make seat reservations without having to purchase an upgrade. For example, if you’re Elal flying business class, first class or premium economy with El Al, members of their frequent flyer program can reserve seats in advance by logging into their profile online or by calling 24 hours in advance of their flight. This means no fighting over aisle seats! To make El Al Flight Reservations, visit El Al Website and click on Upgrades & Reservations under My Account. From there you can view available seats and book yours. If you want multiple seats next to each other—or if you need extra legroom—you may need to pay extra. But at least your seat is reserved!

El Al Boarding pass confirmation

You can print out your Elal boarding pass or have it sent directly to your smartphone via an e-mail. This, however, depends on how far in advance you are purchasing and traveling. For example, if you’re only a few days out from your trip, you can still purchase and print a El Al boarding pass; otherwise, El Al will send an e-boarding pass directly to your phone with all of your details. The airline is constantly updating its check-in El Al process based on customer feedback—in recent years it has reduced lines at El Al Check-in counters by 50% and made El Al online check-in available 24 hours before departure.

Airport lounge access

After you Elal Checkin, head straight for your assigned gate, but before boarding a plane, consider stopping by an airport lounge. These lounges are open to first and ElAl business class passengers as well as frequent flyers from certain airlines. However, these aren’t free—so if you’re traveling on a budget it’s best not to stop by one. But if you can make use of their complimentary drinks and food (or even better access to showers), they might be worth your time.

Passport control and security screening

It is easy to find a parking space at Ben Gurion Airport, even in busy periods. The official car park operates 24 hours a day and is open every day of the year (including Yom Kippur). On busy days, there are also other private parking lots available outside of these hours (Monday – Saturday). For more information click here. If you have your ticket number ready, you can ElAl Check-In Online or in person using special machines. To do so, select elal check in from Ben Gurion’s home page by clicking on Airport Services, then choose one of three options: Online Check-In Parking Automatic Ticketing For further information click here.

Parking at Ben Gurion Airport

If you’re taking a flight from Israel’s main airport, Ben Gurion International Airport (BGW), make sure you arrive with plenty of time on your hands. BGW is located about 20 kilometers (12 miles) west of Jerusalem and about three hours’ drive from Tel Aviv airlines, so factor that into your itinerary. Traffic jams are common in both cities and parking at BGW can be quite expensive. If possible, opt for public transportation or make arrangements with a ride-hailing service.


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