israeli airline el al
israeli airline el al

If you’re planning to travel through Israeli airline El Al. It’s important to remember that El Al Airlines operates just about all of the commercial flights in and out of the country. If you want to be able to make El Al Reservations Phone Number on those flights. Then it’s important to keep the number of ElAl Reservations in your contact list. This guide will tell you exactly how to do that. As well as everything else you need to know about contacting ElAl Flights when you have questions or concerns about your upcoming flight.

Finding the El Al Reservation Phone Number online

There are many ways to find an El Al Airlines Contact Number, but none are quite as easy as Google. Just enter El Al Tickets and your search term in quotes, like so: El Al Flight Reservations. It may take a few tries—and several minutes of scrolling—but you’ll find it eventually! (Alternatively, try searching for an El Al US Customer Service.)

Finding the Phone number for reservations on the company El Al Official Website

El Al Flights is owned by Israel’s government, so there’s no single phone number for reservations. If you’re looking for general information on flight schedules and destinations, however, you can call Elal Customer Service at +1-888-801-0869. If you need more specific travel information and are calling from outside of Israel, contact your local El Al office or your travel agent. To get to a specific reservation desk directly from abroad, dial El Al Airlines Phone Number +1-888-801-0869 followed by a two-digit extension number (there are seven in total). For example, if you want to get through to seat selection, dial El Al customer service number +1-888-801-0869 then press 4; that’ll connect you with an operator who can help book seating arrangements on flights leaving Israel.

Dialing the number from an El Al Israel cell phone

1. Dial +1-888-801-0869. Enter your name 3. Select language 4. When you reach a human operator, tell them In English please. 5. Repeat your question and hang up when finished at 6. A full script of what to say in English is available on their website at ElAl Airlines Reservations Phone Number List 7. To avoid long wait times, start calling at 4am EST (when they open) 8. Don’t forget their key El Al Telephone Phone Numbers… one is only used for cargo claims: +1-888-801-0869.

Dialing from abroad

Before you can book El Al Flights, you must contact them directly to make your El Al Reservations. This ElAl phone number will allow you to reach their offices in Israel, as well as call international El Al israel airlines customer service. Here is what you need to know when calling from outside of Israel: +1-888-801-0869 (domestic line) or +1-888-801-0869 (international toll free line). If calling from within Israel use only 03-9753300. They are open from 8am – Midnight in Israel; Monday through Friday; 9am – 4pm on Saturday; and closed on Jewish holidays and Shabbat. Domestic customer service hours for international customers (outside of Israel) are 9am – 6pm in Jerusalem time, 7 days a week.

Failing all else, calling from an Elal Israel Airlines landline

Though you can also email or chat with El Al Booking, if you’re looking for immediate assistance while in Israel, call their El al Customer Service Number. This is easier said than done, as El Al doesn’t have a simple Elal Reservations Phone Number (they use a different number depending on your region of travel). If you’re arriving in Israel and want help getting through customs or changing seats on your flight, here are all of their numbers by region. Just be prepared that many agents will be able to speak Hebrew only.


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