The richness of India is immense. This is also true about the wealth from luxury trains of the nation. India has a variety of luxurious trains such as Palace on Wheels, Maharajas Express Golden Chariot, JCR Desert Safari and many more. Each train has distinct routes and distinct itineraries that cover a specific region in the nation.
These are our top 10 destinations you should take a trip on The Luxury Trains.

1. Jaipur

The region is known for its rich tradition, culture and history as well as food. It is ranked to be the 7 most desirable city in the world. Starting from elephant rides to the fort, to exploring palace ruins This is the place ideal for those who want to experience the diversity of their trip. Jaipur may also become known as the Pink City of India. Book For Jaipur Trip Get Car Hire In Jaipur & Taxi Service In Jodhpur

i Service In Jaisalmer

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Jaipur Travel Guide

  • Best Time to Visit Jaipur
  • How to Reach Jaipur
  • Top Attractions of Jaipur
  • What to Wear in Jaipur
  • Jaipur is one of the most significant tourist destinations and is the largest city in Rajasthan. The city is covered by nearly all of the luxurious trains that incorporate Rajasthan on its routes like Maharajas’ Express Royal Rajasthan on Wheels, JCR Desert Safari , Palace on Wheels and other trains.


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