Summary On this page, we’ve given a practical solution to resolve the issue that has Outlook stuck in load profile Windows. There are a variety of reasons that Outlook profile won’t open in Outlook However, if the error result from a corrupted PST file, it is possible to utilize an efficient PST repair program to fix the damaged PST files.

Microsoft’s Outlook is a great app that offers many options. With Outlook you can access email calendar, calendar, contacts, and more in one app. However, Outlook does not have all the features it needs sometimes despite all the features.

There are times when Outlook might get stuck at the loading screen while you attempt to open it. If this happens, Outlook won’t get past the screen, regardless of what you try. This means that you won’t be able to access your email accounts using Outlook.

There are many reasons that Outlook is stuck in the loading profile screen. It is possible to fix the root issues with your PC to eliminate that Outlook error.

There may have been numerous problems reported about Outlook not loading profiles when it was opened by users. This is simply a sign that every time you launch Microsoft Outlook, it gets stuck loading profiles and stops working. If this is the issue you’re concerned about, you shouldn’t need to worry about this issue.

In this post in this post, we’ll offer some suggestions and tricks to help you solve the problem. So, if Outlook is stuck in loading profile on a regular basis, stay glued to this article and discover the next steps to take. Without additional effort, let’s begin exploring.

Run Outlook as Administrator

One thing to assist you in removing that “Outlook stuck on loading profile” issue is to start Outlook with an administrator account. There’s nothing that you must complete in this. We are only highlighting the steps to help you. Follow these steps to resolve the Outlook problem of not loading.

  1. Just tap the Start button on your computer and then look for Outlook.exe.
  2. Click on it with a right-click and select the option to run as administrator on the left menu.

Disable Outlook ADD-ins in Safe Mode

Another way to assist you to solve issues with Outlook 365 not opening loading profile issue is turning off the add-ins using safe mode. Here’s how to do it.

  1. Before starting make sure that Outlook Windows to be closed. After this is done then use both the Windows keys and R key together and you will open Run. Run box. “Outlook

Step 2. 2. The run dialogue box pops up then type in Outlook.exe/safe” and hit enter. This will launch the Outlook applications in safe mode.

Step 3. Verify your profile when you are asked to confirm your profile.

  1. 4. Now, click on”File” from the “File” tab and hit on “Option”.Select the Add-ins tab then search to an option in the Manage Drop-down Menu.
  2. Step 5 – Click it and select “COM Add-ins”.Click on “Go” right after that.
  3. Now, remove each add-in, and select “OK”.Once you’ve done that, close Outlook and then restart it to verify whether the Outlook problem with loading is resolved. Ovik Mkrtchyan

Repair Office files that are corrupted

Outlook is, in the end, an element of Microsoft’s Office, and fixing Office can also resolve Outlook problems. There is no need for any extra software in order to fix the office. Repairs can be made by using your control panel.

  • Find Control panel using the search bar.
  • On the Control Panel, click Programs and Features.
  • From the list, locate Microsoft Office and select it.
  • Click on Change. The change will bring up a window.
  • Select Quick Repair and select Repair.

Remove your device to the Internet

Outlook could try to connect to an online resource but is failing. It could be a reason because Outlook isn’t able to complete loading the profile thus it’ll remain in the dark when it appears on the screen Loading Profile display. Ovik Mkrtchyan

The solution is to put Outlook to go offline by shutting off the internet connection. Disconnecting your internet every time you need to open Outlook is definitely not a solution, but it gives you the opportunity to access the Application and modify the settings that could be the cause of the problem.

Kill Office-Related Process in Task Manager

Restarting the Application could not be 100% effective if other Office-related services are running. For a clean starting point for every single thing, you should end the Office-related process using Task Manager.

  • On your keyboard, press Ctrl+Shift + Esc. This will open the Task Manager.
  • Search for Office-related processes, select them, and then click to”END Task. This also includes the other Office apps as well as Office processes like clicking to start.
  • Launch Application

Repair Corrupted Outlook Files

The application will not function as it should and may get stuck on the Loading Profile screen in the event that one or more files have been damaged. Application files can be fixed with an executable located inside the Application installation directory.

  • Right-click on to select the Application shortcut. Then, choose properties. Then, you will be able to open the Properties Window.
  • On the tab for shortcuts, select Open File location. This will start the directory for installation.
  • Find SCANPST.EXE and then start it. It will open. Microsoft Application Inbox Repair Tool will be opened and will ask for an image to repair and scan.
  • Select Browse and then go to the directory below.
  • Choose the profile you wish to fix and click Start. The profiles are saved in OST files. The program is now looking through the file for any mistakes.
  • When SCANPST has finished scanning and fixing then click OK.
  • Launch Application.

Alternate Solution for Outlook PST File Repair

There’s a problem that can also occur when the program is stuck loading its profiles. PST corrupted files were the reason that stopped you and causes an error where some of the files are damaged. Retrieving PST files isn’t an easy job. It is laborious and if you’re not an expert in the field retrieving PST files is difficult. If you want to get rid of the hassle it is necessary to employ an alternative tool from a third party, the most suitable alternative is listed below.

An excellent application called Systools PST Repair Tool permits users to enjoy an easy conversion and export process. This PST repair tool is one of these tools due to its powerful scanning capabilities. It is able to repair broken Outlook PST files & recover the data from your mailbox that was deleted such as notes, emails journals, calendars, contacts, and contracts, among others. Additionally, the program has an intuitive interface, so that anyone who is not a tech expert can use it and does not require your time.

Step-by-Step Guide for Outlook to Stop Loading profile Windows

  • Then, Download & run this converter on your device.
  • Following this, Search or Browse the OST file into Software.
  • Next, Preview emails with Attributes and click export.
  • Click the radio button and convert OST to PST.

Final Words

After analyzing the user’s question, we have decided how to proceed when the Application is stuck in loading its profile window. In this write-up on technicalities, we’ve provided two methods by which users can effortlessly open their Applications without a single trace of difficulty.

Manually based procedures offer the answer to PST repair or aid you with situations that leave the Application cannot load profiles windows. However, there are disadvantages that this method of repair can increase the possibility of data integrity, is time-consuming, and requires technical knowledge as well as technical skills. We recommend opting for the automated process. It allows you to provide a fast solution that doesn’t cause any type of issue. This program can eliminate every manual method.



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