Essay on need of mobile in future
Essay on need of mobile in future

Essay on need of mobile in future

If we look at the technology of ten years from today, then there was nothing special at that time. People did not use high-speed smart phones like today. And no Internet facility used today was in the earlier phones. Essay on need of mobile in future, But nowadays life has come to a standstill without the Internet and without the Internet and the smartphone, any life comes to a standstill. That’s why the dependence on the Internet and smartphones has become more and more. If he sleeps with a mobile, he starts the morning only by looking at the mobile.

Essay on need of mobile in future
Essay on need of mobile in future

In such a situation, new efforts and new technology are being used day by day in this direction. And the new technology that has been made, efforts are being made to make it even more advanced. Which may prove to be more helpful in future. This smartphone and the Internet have brought many new technologies in our lives. And there will be more increase in future. Which will make many changes in our life, as today due to mobile, any person makes their work easy by talking to each other easily.

But in the future, such technology will come that there will be no need to be told and your work will become easy, you will do all the work sitting at home, which is done today. But in the future, with more new technology, the work will become easier. Did you know that you speak a word in the mobile and the mobile understands it completely. Go to homepage

Essay on need of mobile in future

will increase which will help in many tasks due to mobile. Many such technologies have come in the mobile, but in the future many changes have started in it.

Electrovibration technology will completely transform the mobile touchscreen experience. Through this technique, you will be able to easily feel the texture of your hand by moving your hand on the screen itself. After this there will be a revolution in online shopping. It will be very much liked by the people especially in the purchase of clothes. In this context, studies are being done continuously by Disney Research. So that people can be made to feel the texture on their mobile screen.

Brain Computer Interface – Brain Computer Interface

A brain web pattern of every thought is created in our mind. Hence no two electrical signals are ever the same. These unique electric signals catch specific commands. And these are recognized by him. It is expected that in the coming time, the smartphone will be ready with the brain computer interface, it will read the brain and set the commands accordingly. In the future, this technology may be launched with many unique interfaces.

Wireless Speedy Charging-Wireless Speedy Charger

If you ask the biggest problem of any smartphone user, then you will get the answer that the battery has to be charged twice a day. Also, the time taken to charge it is very long.

In such a situation, Tech Scientist has now started working in this direction. And have started making chargers giving wireless and fart charging and smartphones that support them. And in 2018, such smartphones have arrived, and the battery-related complaints of the people are almost gone.

Augmented reality

In the coming time, work will be done on AR i.e. Augmented Reality Sense through this technology. Efforts will be made to make the viewing more realistic through sound graphics etc. Now it remains to be seen how easy this technique is. And what feedback do users give about them. According to research, technology will become very advanced in the coming time. Which cannot even be thought of in today’s time.

Flexible and wrist-worn phone – flexible mobile phone

It is strange to hear how this can happen. But such technology has come and in the future many new changes will be made in it and you can fold your smartphone and tie it on your wrist. Or will be able to keep in the pocket, these phones will have a lot of flexibility and there will be no fear of breaking them, in this type of phone (organic light emitting diode) OLED technology will be used.

Speech to speech translation – speech to speech translate

The video of the launch of such a device has recently gone viral but no one has directly used it yet. However, such a feature has come in Google Translate. If you say a small word, it gets translated. But no technology has been invented for long sentences. As such, work is being done rapidly in this direction.

You would think that a lot of these techniques are being used. But you probably don’t know these techniques which you are seeing above. There will be such changes in the future that you can not even imagine and in our nature, there will be a lot of use of these technology, in future a computer robot can also take the form of mobile. In our mechanization also, using mobile technology, the robot will work as a human being and command them only with a mobile remote.
Forty years ago today, a man named Martin Cooper conceived the mobile phone. In 1973, Cooper made the world’s first mobile phone call. The weight of this phone was two pounds. And on this 10 hour charge, 35 minutes could be talked about. It cost 3995 pounds.


There is a trend of many times faster and lighter smartphones at this time, it has become a part of our everyday life. Joshua Bell and Joll Kipsar, curators of the Natural History Museum, spent two years researching mobile phone culture. Together, both of them found out that in future, how technology will be used in mobile phones, in this they have taken the help of science fiction and research.
The phone will be included in the body in the future
Like the Hollywood movie ‘Total Recall’, in the coming times, our body will act as a mobile phone. For example, the palm will become a keypad and we will be like a phone which will be connected to other smart gadgets.

That is, in the future, many tasks will become easier with mobile technology everywhere in homes, shops, big factories and every person will get relief from today’s hectic and tired life, thus mobile as a key to human need in the future. Will work in it, which will prove to be very useful.

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