Everything About athenahealth EHR - demo, reviews, pricing, and more!

There’s a lot of information out there about different EHR solutions and how they offer different features. Athenahealth EHR is one such software that is a leader in electronic health record management. To learn about the Athenahealth EHR demo, pricing, and features, read through the article for all of the information you’ll ever need. 

About Athenahealth EHR

Since 2019, Athenahealth has to bring customers access to software technology derived from the work of two software providers who had years of experience under their belt. Since their combination, the impact of the software solution has been immeasurable – creating a network that stretched across the nation and brings forward innovative solutions. 

Aathenahealth believes in a simple vision – the creation of a medical ecosystem that allows for healthcare solutions that can be accessed by all, offer top-tier quality and accuracy, and overall create a sustainable system that is upheld by the network.

Benefits of Using Athenahealth EHR

Here are some of the top features to experience when you invest in Athenahealth EHR.

Connect With Experts

Communication in the healthcare setting isn’t just restricted to engagement between patients and doctors. It is just as essential that doctors communicate with each other, whether it’s to coordinate to provide care, or simply to just learn from each other. 

With Athenahealth, doctors can join into a network that expands across the nation, streamlined through the software. They can then view patients and their information in a comprehensive and streamlined way.

Aside from this information sent to other medical health providers is curated to be relevant to the data they need, so they don’t have to navigate through clunky files to make necessary medical decisions. 

This interoperability process also includes the patient – they can use the Athenahealth software to actively engage with their medical team across the board and receive information in a simple and easy-to-understand way. 

Join A Nationwide Network

The benefit of joining a network that boasts the numbers that Athenahealth is that you can learn from the experiences of other healthcare providers, and create a reservoir of necessary collective knowledge. 

Using this network, you can gain important details about current regulations, new conditions, the latest in medical research, and much more. The knowledge gained is streamlined through the app, so as Athenahealth grows and learns more, you and your practice can grow and learn too. 

With a network of healthcare professionals, you can view the latest in clinical recommendations gathered from patient engagement across the nation. You can view data about population health and streamline your own standard operating procedures, and above all, learn with experts in your field. 

Get Responsive Support

When you’re using an EHR, perhaps one of the most important relationships is the one between the client and the customer support representative. The idea behind athenahealth EHR customer support is that issues need to be caught when they are small and easy to tackle, well before they cause serious problems for your practice. 

The customer support at Athenahealth ensures that you constantly have support available when you need it, and are never left to have to take care of issues all on your own. The team treats you as a partner, and so is incentivized to help improve the work at your clinic. 

.The team at Athenahealth keeps an eye on programs and benefits available and studies them to ensure you are compliant and can get the best out of them. They are also available for training when you are onboarded and provide emergency support at all times.

Athenahealth EHR Pricing and Reviews

With most other healthcare EHR software, there is a steeper price tag than what is ultimately offered. Athenahealth inverses this by working through a percentage cost system, which means they only get paid when you make money.

Therefore, there is a constant incentive to improve your productivity. A quote can be derived from Athenahealth and is calculated and tailored to each business to provide the best solutions at the right cost depending on each practice’s needs. 

When it comes to reviews, real businesses using Athenahealth call it an innovative solution and praise its patient portal. It offers good integrations and has practice management solutions at an affordable range. 

How to Get an Athenahealth EHR demo

In order to learn more about what you can do with the product, you can request an Athenahealth EHR demo. This will allow you to view what the software looks like and objectively decide if it works well with the requirements of your practice. 

Is Athenahealth EHR the Right Fit?

After reading all of this information, you may be wondering if this is the right product for you. From the Athenahealth EHR demo, all the way to pricing and reviews, we’ve laid out all the necessary information you need to make a decision regarding the software.

Ultimately, we can’t tell you what is best for your clinic, but an in-depth review of the available information, along with an understanding of what your clinic needs, will. Make sure to research well before you decide to go with any EHR for your practice. 


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