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Disregarding the widespread belief that Miami is a big MV packed with show sports cars, bikinis,  and dollar bills flying in the air. It’s far more interesting than that. In this place, you can travel from charming beach scenes to gritty reality without blinking. Of course, sexy is part of the reason people are fascinated by Miami. But it is our weird, bizarre, and dizzying insanity that makes this city so unique. So come on-from dirty BBQs to late-night diners and Latin dance clubs to coral castles-to find fashionable places that locals love, but tourists rarely see.

Some Trendy and Fun Places to Enjoy Your Miami Vacation

Coral Castle Museum in Homestead

Think you are a master of home improvement because you managed to build a deck for yourself? Ed Leedsklanin saw the tarots and built a complete fortress and sculpture garden for the city carved out of coral. Between 1923 and 1951, he constructed alone this 11,000-pound wonder and opened it as a roadside attraction along the South Dixie Highway. Since no one has seen him build this place, the building is one of the biggest mysteries in the city.

Tipico Dominicano Club at Allapattah

Do you remember the famous Justin to Kelly scene, when Kaya went to the salsa club that is underground wearing a sexy waiter dress and spent the night of her life? Probably not, because no one is believed to have seen this, but trust me, it is definitely based on Tipico. For more than 35 years, this place owned by the Dominicans has always been a Merengue and Bachata staples. We cannot guarantee that you will have a romance that will spoil the classroom and make a love lesson in the world, but you will have a great time.

Alabama Jacks’ at Card Sound Road

The Miami people know that the only way to avoid the crowds on a busy weekend in the keys is Card Sound Road. They also know that this tiny fish shed by the water, about half of Card Sound, is an ideal place to wait for traffic jams. Unrehearsed country music, exquisite drinks, and fresh fish make it a virtual pre-installed air-conditioned Florida tour. The country folk atmosphere of the swamp is a glimpse of what this place looked like before it was discovered elsewhere in the world. It gave a South Florida driver a peaceful respite for an afternoon.

Saint City’s BarbQ at the West Little River

IMHO, there are many great barbecue spots in our city—Society, Myron Mixon’s—if you want an authentic Miami flavor, you must go to this golden cottage on NW 22nd Avenue and NW 93rd Street. Here you will find the best ribs or sandwiches in Miami and, as well as pork and chicken soup that one can only make in Northwest Miami. Local boxers and mixed martial artists will make up after the rally, and you will join a takeaway-only team. Their approval stamp and Alaska Airlines Reservation is the only thing you need.

Island Properties of Biscayne Bay

TV producers will convince the world that Miamians are drinking in the trendy poolside day clubs all day long. But the locals know that this scene is only suitable for people with a ticket home. The objective, local party, is on an uninhabited island in the middle of Biscayne Bay. Every weekend we will pull the boat to the shore and improvise.  You can see Live DJs play on the beaches of Flagler Memorial and Pace Picnic islands quite often. Yes, you need a boat to get there.

Weird Miami Tours at the Design District

Calling a trip to Miami “Weird Miami” is a bit like calling a trip to the Aleutian Islands “Cold Alaska.” Still, the experience you get on an artist-led city excursion at the Bas Fisher Invitational is unique. The guides of the monthly bus tour are local artists, and they will take you through the strange, surreal and bizarre, and beautiful places around the city and inspire your creative inspiration. Also, you will get to know the sights that most locals don’t even know and immerse yourself in the subculture of the city.

Crandon Park Open Seas Cafe

Another huge misunderstanding among mainlanders about Miami locals is, They spend all their leisure time in South Beach. Of course, if you live there at Miami Beach, this may be true, but for mainlanders, nothing can compare to the smooth gravel and swaying palm trees of Crandon Park. This Fundamental beach of Biscayne Park feels like a remote paradise, where all you can see from the shade is greenish-blue water and sporadic cruise ships. With the addition of Open Seas Café, a menu full of Latin and Caribbean cuisine has come to the beach for you to enjoy.

City Hall Opa Locka

Opa Locks was once designed as a treasure trove of Islamic Revivalist architecture. Architecture inspired by Arab-themed movies of the 1920s dominates the landscape. The great hurricane of 1926 destroyed many people, but the most impressive thing is the City Hall, a castle covered by a dome and a spire, which looks like Casablanca fell into a swamp. They can also fix TRI-rail stations.

Pincho Man Ricky and its branches in various locations

Before every hipster who puts grilled meat into tacos decides to drive a food truck, a mobile supplier called Pincho Man is the traveling supplier of some of the city’s best-grilled sandwiches. He is based in Miami and a saga among those who grew up in the suburbs. He has a wide variety of sandwiches, from burgers to fried dough sticks to shrimp and chicken, all covered with his secret sauce and potato straws. Legend has it that a national food TV show once tried to film Pincho Man. He immediately closed all the doors and left the suburban parking lot where he was. To find him, follow his social media and call.

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If you plan to have this much fun, chooses one of these locations or make Frontier Airlines Book a Flight and explore them all. You can definitely explore some great pleasure.


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