Explore Calhoun, GA & know the ways to make your trip awesome
Explore Calhoun, GA & know the ways to make your trip awesome

Are you planning to fly to Bangkok with your family & children to spend your dream vacation & spend some quality time? But somehow don’t know or can’t decide where to visit with your children & enjoy every single moment of the trip? Here is the solution to the best things in the city of Bangkok with your children.

The city is known to be the great capital of Thailand. It’s a large city quite popular for symbolic temples & vibrant street life. Well, apart from these, it is the land of the Chao Phraya river that flowed through numerous canals.

However, the place has several cultural landmarks followed by the Grand palace& highly spiritual Buddhist temples as these great spots attract a large number of tourists & worth paying a visit.

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Here are the 10 best exciting places where you can visit with your children, enjoy with them as well as enjoy different delicacies. A great opportunity to relive childhood once again.

  1. Dreamworld theme park:

You can start off your list by visiting Dreamworld park. A great place to visit & enjoy the whole day with your children. It’s one of the best exciting places in Bangkok full of fun, different rides, thrill, food, great magic shows & other interesting. It’s a spot with endless activities that will not get bored for a minute. 

These are some great attractions at Dreamworld park. It offers the kids multiple fun-loving games & activities such as part of the popular Roller coaster ride, meeting the gorgeous Cinderella & Pocahontas. You don’t need to worry about your kid’s safety as there is a team of the best professional trainers to manage the kids. In addition to these, you visit numerous food courts, restaurants & cafes that are always at your service.

  1. Madame Tussauds:

The second great venue to visit with your kids is the popular Madame Tussauds. A place which is one of the great tourist attractions. The wax museums have multiple celebrities from which the children are highly influenced. Some of the great names include James bond, Michael Jackson & other best celebrities.

Moreover, apart from the exhibitions, you can also know about their best achievements& work history. These things often educate & influence the kids about the twist & turns of life.

Apart from these, it’s also located in Hollywood, Las Vegas, New York & many other places.

  1. Art in the Paradise:

Another best place to enjoy the Art in the Paradise museums with your kids. A palace that does not let the children get bored but rather engages them through fun activities & storytelling sessions, virtual tours & videography.

It’s a fantastic 3D museum where the children get easily involved with the magical & phenomenal aura, which insists the children explore it better. So whenever you decide to visit here, please carry a camera along with you to capture these valuable moments. 

The museum is located in the Esplanade shopping mall, Ratchadaphiosek Rd, Bangkok.

  1. Fantasia Lagoon water park:

One of the great, most attractive & thrilling water parks in Bangkok. An amazing place to be filled up with water everywhere. Normally children love the most whenever they get to play around the water. So here as they can enjoy playing with the water everywhere. Moreover, there are also water slides, exciting rides, pools & nearby food courts to enjoy. 

However, to be precise, children show interest & love to visit these exciting places as they have a unique vibe from other places. So the Lagoon water is definitely a great place to visit with your family & children.

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  1. Muay Thai live :

An interesting place with live theatrical shows with a combination of entertainment & significance of the ancient martial arts. These amazing fight scenes swiftly catch the children’s attention towards them along with their guardians. 

The children often watch these entertaining & energizing action scenes in the movies that impact them in advance. So, it insists that they visit these kinds of places to have a great time.

  1. Children’s discovery museums :

It is one of the great locations for the children to visit with their family to enjoy the vacations. It’s a great place to have fun & gather information with multiple activities. These activities easily occupy the children for an entire day. However, some of the interesting activities are digging up the dinosaur bones in the archaeological area & making up the giant bubble. 

Though children love to visit these interesting places& moreover parents also like to bring the kids here to know some interesting information.

  1. Zanook Water Park :

A great place meant to be full of fun & adventure for the kids & adults also. It’s a great wake park located Downtown of the Bangkok waterboarding lake. In addition to these exciting activities, the park has an amazing air air-filled floating playground in the middle. Basically, a great place to enjoy the multiple water activities in the city.

It’s rather a great spot to enjoy with your children & once again relive your great childhood memories once again. The location is Banghon, Bang Wa, Bangkok, Thailand.

  1. Lumpini Park :

If you are looking for a great outing or picnic spot with your family &children, then Lumpini park is the best location to go for. To enjoy your great weekend & a spend a great time with your family, you can pay a visit to the park. 

The park has an artificial lake view to attract a large no of tourists & also adds a feature to its beauty, that makes it quite different from others.

  1. Golden Mount :

You can also head towards the Golden mount, where you can enjoy the view of the old city followed by the natural greenery. The place is quite worth visiting with your children & spending some great time with them. Try to explore the place in a much better way to know about it in a far better way.

There is Wat Arun, War pho & the Grand palace, which are some religious places to view & know about them.

  1. Chao Phraya River :

It’s another beautiful & alternative way to explore multiple temples, markets & other tourists sites to explore. You can visit them via public & tourists boats to avoid the unnecessary traffic of Bangkok. So, you can pay a visit to enjoy a great vacation in the city.



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