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The advancement of medical sciences has made our lives safer and happier than before. One important result of the development of medical sciences is IVF. IVF is spreading smiles among couples across the world. In India, too, its demand has grown over the years.

People are storming the internet to learn about various aspects of IVF in India. In addition, people are also searching about IVF cost in Delhi. Therefore, it can easily be understood that IVF has become greatly popular in India, especially in India.

This article is the perfect stop if you wish to know some important details about IVF centres and the cost. But, first, read the article to know what the Best IVF centre would look like.

IVF Procedure

IVF stands for In Vitro Fertilization. Numerous couples around the world face problems related to fertility. IVF offers a way out for them. It helps them to conceive and successfully give birth to young ones safely.

IVF is a process in which an embryo is created in a lab. In a lab, experts create the embryo by fertilizing female eggs and male sperm together. After the embryo is created, it is surgically transferred to the woman’s uterus. A couple can choose to use their own eggs and sperm. They would also have the option to choose donors’ eggs, sperms, and embryos. Some centres also provide frozen eggs, sperm, and embryos.

Why Go For An IVF?

IVF is a safe process to conceive and deliver. It has several benefits:

#1. IVF has a reduced risk of miscarriage 

  • It provides an increased chance of conception
  • IVF increases the chance of conception for a woman beyond her 30s
  • It allows the couple to have control over the time of pregnancy. In addition, IVF centres can cryopreserve the eggs and embryos for the couple to use at their convenience
  • IVF provides the option of performing preimplantation genetic testing (PGT) on the embryo before the doctors transfer it to the woman’s uterus. This process improves the chances of having a healthy baby.

What Can The Best IVF Centre Offer?

There are so many IVF centres in India that selecting the best is difficult. There are multiple sides to an IVF centre. Some centres might offer a better IVF cost In Delhi. At the same time, some others might provide a better success rate. Therefore, selecting anyone as the Best IVF Centre in Delhi will be difficult. However, there are certain facts that you should consider before visiting an IVF centre. There are certain parameters, excelling which an IVF centre might become the best!

  • Success Rate At The Centre

The success rate is a highly essential factor in IVF. There are numerous IVF centres, and all of them have different success rates. The success rate at an IVF centre is calculated by dividing the number of births reported by the number of IVF procedures performed.

Various factors affect the success rate of IVF procedures. The two most important factors are the mother’s age and the factor causing infertility. As the mother’s age increases, the success rate also comes down. For example, if the mother’s age is below 30 years, then the success rate of IVF can be as high as 65 – 70%. However, crossing the 35 years mark, the success rate might drop as low as 35 – 40%. Therefore, before visiting an IVF centre, check the success rate as per the mother’s age.

  • Availability Of Blastocyst culture and transfer

In any standardized IVF, embryos are grown under strictly controlled conditions in the laboratory for two or three days. Then the doctors transfer the embryo to the mother’s uterus. Finally, the embryo is grown in the lab for two more days in Blastocyst culture. Those embryos which can survive till the blastocyst stage have the highest chance of implantation and success. Therefore, only the most competent embryos reach that stage.

This process helps a patient with multiple embryos. After reaching the blastocyst stage, doctors can select the best embryo for transfer. Then, the lab experts would freeze the others for future use. Therefore, any IVF centre claiming to be the Best IVF Centre in Delhi should have the required infrastructure for blastocyst culture and transfer.

  • IVF Cost

IVF is a costly procedure. It involves various drugs, cultural media, and equipment. The patients must try 2-3 times before achieving success. Therefore, the Best IVF Centre must have expertise in freezing gametes. By freezing surplus embryos, the patient has the advantage of getting repeated embryo transfers without paying for the whole IVF cycle again and again. This, in turn, reduces the IVF cost. Therefore, IVF centers offering the best IVF cost in Delhi should have this facility.

  • Lab Standard

If you are looking for the Best IVF Centre, you must consider the lab standard. Embryogenesis is the most important part of the IVF procedure, which occurs in the lab. Thus, ensure that the lab has an experienced and trained team of doctors and experts. So while considering the IVF cost in Delhi, do not forget to check out the standard of the lab of an IVF centre.

Concluding Lines

The Best IVF Centre should ideally have a friendly budget and match all the above mentioned parameters.


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