Family mediation Oakville
Family mediation save your time and energy by avoiding the court

People are always having a fallout in their relationships. It is not a pleasant moment and, in most cases, can be very nasty. But, there are sensible ways to deal with such issues for adults. You can either hire a lawyer and proceed through legal actions, for instance, for filing a divorce or child custody. Depending on the judiciary system’s current state, it can become a lengthy and tiring process. Plus, it is also a hassle to deal with all the formalities. It can exhaust a person. The court’s ruling might not go right with you in some cases, making you furious, but it would be too late. You won’t have a say in it, and the judge’s ruling would be final with Family mediation Oakville.

In short, settling family and domestic disputes is not always a good idea. Some families do not want their issues highlighted. But as the court is opened, they might feel a violation of their privacy which can affect their mental health.

So what’s the alternate? 

Families face many issues when they have to turn to the court. As mentioned above, it can be a matter of privacy. Or, both parties are looking for an efficient and easy way out of the mess without any complicated procedures. In some cases, the two parties are on terrible terms, and it can get stressful even facing each other in court. 

The best course of action is to seek family mediation in matters like these. It is an excellent alternative if you think that the issue needs third-party neutral interference. Family mediation is not just about resolving an issue. It comes with numerous additional perks that you can’t get in court. Mediation is a private issue in which two conflicting parties hire or appoint a mediator that can help resolve their matter. What is excellent about mediation is that you do not have to work on others’ terms. The meeting is held on neutral premises like a mediator lawyer’s office or a hotel. Furthermore, the date and time of the conference are set as per the feasibility of both parties. 

In addition, if both parties do not want to face each other to avoid any heated argument, the mediator can meet them separately. 

But why family mediation?

It can be hard to go through a divorce. The worst comes when you have to settle all the finances, assets, and belongings. It includes the children as well. Everyone wants it to be over as soon as possible. Unfortunately, the legal procedures take time. Not everyone wants to take the matter to court, especially when they can solve it themselves. 

A family mediator is not set to rule a win-lose judgment. He wants both parties to be in a win-win situation. A mediator can not side with one party and work in their sole interest under any circumstances. He is responsible for helping the couples settle on neutral terms. A family mediator must possess excellent bargaining and persuasion techniques. It is because he has to work in both parties’ interests.

There has to be a downside? 

The downside to family mediation solely depends on the compliance and cooperation of both parties. First off, as mediation is not a legal procedure, there is no guarantee that the decision will be enforced. Either party can decide not to comply. As the mediator is not a law-enforcing authority, he is just providing a service to assist in settling a dispute. Therefore, his efforts and your money will go in vain. 

Here are some other ways mediation can not be as fruitful as you expect it to be:

Mediation isn’t compulsory.

The law does not appoint family mediation. Therefore, there is no enforcing power that ensures that whatever is decided in a mediation meeting will be enforced. In addition, it is not a compulsory action, so, at any time, either party can withdraw, and there is nothing anyone can do anything about it. 

Non-compliant parties

For several reasons, either party might not be disclosing all the facts and figures. It can cause a massive hindrance for the mediator in making a fair decision. It is one of the causes that can make it hard to mediate a fair and just decision. If one of the parties decides to withdraw from any further proceeding, there won’t be much left to do. All the time and money invested in the mediation will go to waste. Especially the effort a mediator puts in to resolve disputes neutrally will be in vain. 

Unskilled mediator and unsuccessful mediation 

You do not require a law degree to be a mediator. Anyone with a college degree or higher can become a mediator. Provided they go through 20-40 hours of the mediation training program. A mediator with inadequate skills can lead to a sterile solution that may fuel the fire. 

In unsuccessful mediation, the mediator might redirect you to the local authorities. It is something you could have done by yourself in the first place without wasting any money on an incompetent mediator.


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