Famous beaches in England for the dose of Vitamin Sea!

Famous beaches for the dose of Vitamin
Famous beaches for the dose of Vitamin

Looking for the best beach destination to visit this summer? Look no further and choose England for your next vacation in the summer. What’s better than relaxing around beaches to get relief from the scorching heat. The winter season is already gone, and it is the best time to take out your swimsuits and plan a fantastic trip to England. Working a whole day in the sultry summer can be very tiring and exhausting. Therefore, we need a break by planning a trip to the beachside. 

With a 12,429 km coastline, the UK is home to some gorgeous beaches. One can just relax at the seaside or try various thrilling water sports. Sea beaches of England are stunning and dramatic in every sense. Admire its glory and beauty and make the most of your holiday. Spending time along the beach can get you out of your anxiety and daily stress. So if you are a real beach bum, England should definitely be on your mind. Enjoy breathtaking views of the English coastline and have an unforgettable trip. To help you in choosing the best beaches for your vacation, we have compiled a list. Let’s get started and add these popular beaches to your bucket list. 

  • Woolacombe Beach, Devon

Located by the side of Verdant hillside, Devon has a peaceful and quaint vibe all the time. Go to the top of the hill to check out the panoramic view of the beautiful sky and the sand. Make sure to click the beautiful surroundings to cherish these views forever. The ambience here is lively in summers, and plenty of facilities are available, such as ice cream stalls, restaurants, changing rooms, and lifeguard stations. Moreover, two other beaches are also located near this beach, which are Grunta Beach and The Combesgate Beach. If you are traveling with your family and are strict on budget, then Woolacombe Beach is the best bet for you. To visit this stunning beach, fly to England now with Spirit Airlines to fly without wrecking your wallet. Make Spirit Airlines reservations at the earliest and have a pocket-friendly trip. 

  • Studland Beach, Dorset

Settled in Dorset, Studland Bay is one of the famous sandy beaches in the country. The beach is stretched over 4 miles of area, and both locals & tourists come here to enjoy the warm waters and soothing weather. Don’t forget to visit the nudist section for swimming and diving in the lake without any swimsuit. In the coastal town of Dorset, numerous exciting and fun recreational centres are available. Go to these centres to spend your entire night. Try sailing, jet skiing, and swimming in the morning and relax the whole day until your mind and body are satisfied. Best time to visit here is nov to feb.

  • Fistral Beach, Cornwall

If you are more of a peaceful person who doesn’t like much crowd, then this beach is the right choice for you. It is one of the best beaches for surfing, and you will have a really good time here. Visitors who want to spend some quality time with their near and dear ones must-visit Fistral Beach on their trip to England. It is situated a few miles off Newquay, and you can opt for the long drive to enjoy some spellbinding views on your way. The beach has rugged hills, shallow blue waters, and golden sands.

  • Whitby Beach, Yorkshire

The Whitby Beach is an exquisite and interesting beachside that offers truly gorgeous arcades and picturesque scenery. Many fishing villages are available along the coast. Moreover, if you are a foodie, make sure to try out the chips and the mouthwatering fish at the cafes settled close to the sea. Relax under the sun to calm your senses. Enjoy a satisfying sunbathe and get back home with an amazing suntan. Explore the village of Sandsend to check out the colonial-style British architecture and old school pubs. Try out surfing, skiing, and kite flying to boost up your adrenaline. 

  • Blackpool Sands, Lancashire

The Blackpool Sands are one of the most stunningly beautiful beaches in the UK. From seaside cabanas to resorts, yacht sailing to water sports, innumerable facilities are available here. The water in the beach is crystalline blue where you can enjoy swimming. There is a small, rugged and hilly backdrop, and you can hike on the top of the peak to witness the fauna and fantastic landscape. To relish the seafood cuisine, beer, and local food, go to any cafe or restaurant in the town. Ensure to add this beach to your bucket list for an outstanding experience. 

  • Compton Bay, Isle of Wight

Settled between the West Wight and the English Channel, Compton Bay is stretched across 2 miles of area. The beach area is all about the dark and golden sands. Visit this place during the sunset, and check out the rolling sea waves. When the sun is setting down, just stand near the shore for a breathtaking view. Moreover, there are multi-colored cliffs that will be a treat for your eyes. Though the beach is secluded, and not many people visit it, but it is worth making the visit. Some ice-cream trucks, and small eateries are available at this beach. 

  • Bamburgh Castle Beach, Northumberland

Situated in the North Part of the UK, this castle beach houses some of the best beaches in the entire country. Good sea waves can be witnessed throughout the day. The beach is rough and rugged, and you will have the best time here. Bamburgh Castle is located near this beach, and that’s how it gets its name. Take a stroll along the huge coastline with your partner, and spend some romantic moments together. For some extra thrill, don’t forget to try water sports. 

Summer is the best time to stroll around these beaches and enjoy plenty of sunshine. Rejuvenate your body and mind at these beaches. To explore these beaches, plan your trip with Southwest Airlines. Don’t linger and fly off at affordable fares with Southwest Airlines reservations. Book now or regret later!



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