team management strategies
team management strategies

Global organizations have embraced a remote working approach to save their employees from the wrath of the pandemic. However, it is hard for them to maintain a subtle balance between team management and client requirements. Here, effective team management holds a key to success for these enterprises. Thankfully, they got a helping hand from them in the form of feature-rich project team management software.

A majority of projects often fail not because of lack of visibility but the manager does not have a clear insight on managing a project team. To avoid this situation as a project manager, you need to make tremendous efforts to sharpen your leadership skills. Here are a few useful tips to improve leadership skills during challenging times.

What Is Team Management?

Team management is a project manager’s ability to co-ordinate a team for executing multiple tasks and sub-tasks. It usually involves goal-setting, communication, creating a positive culture, and skills to keep everyone organized.

Efficient team management is important for project managers as it can help them with increasing team productivity and motivation. To effectively lead a team, one needs to know what makes a successful team manager. Also employees can complete the priority tasks first so the productivity level at workplace gets higher.

Tips to Become a Successful Team Manager

A skillful manager is an important part of a project team’s success. They keep the team on track and ensure that everyone is satisfied and dedicated to their work. However, rapidly changing work environments have started redefining team management. 

The key here is to develop an environment where teams are willing to cooperate and ready to take ownership of their responsibilities. Here are some of the top team management skills that help you lead your teams successfully:

1. Communicate Transparently 

Miscommunication among project teams can often create unnecessary stress and confusion. As per a study, approximately 86% of employees have mentioned lack of communication as the reason for workplace failures. On the contrary, teams that communicate effectively are able to boost their productivity by 25%. This shows the need for effective communication skills.

A transparent communication channel allows leaders and managers to focus on creating effective team collaborations and increasing the productivity of their teams. On the flip side, poor communication brings down employee morale and impacts customer satisfaction adversely.

A team task management software can help project managers and team members to communicate in a better way. It enables the users to create a clear communication plan for progress reviews, meetings, and monitoring tasks. 

2. Offer a Clear Vision

Project managers work hard to keep their teams on track. But they can often get side-track from their goals while constantly switching between their daily tasks and solving multiple issues.  The best way for project team managers is to set a clear vision that highlights long-term and short-term project goals.

For this, they can use robust team management software to list and track project goals. Such goals help maintain focus while directing the team towards accomplishing project goals.  Furthermore, project managers can use a designated team task management platform to keep everyone updated on project progress.

3. Carefully Delegate Tasks    

Every member of the project team is different from another. Some are good at building strategies, others can be good at improvisation. Nevertheless, project managers need to know the skill sets of team members and their success ratio before delegating tasks to them.  Delegating tasks to your team is crucial part of team work, also it defines the productivity for each of your team member while they are working on their delegated tasks.

By keeping the above things in mind, project managers should assign tasks to team members as per their skills, competency, and experience. Furthermore, they need to trust their employees that they are capable of completing tasks on time.

Project team leaders can use a feature-rich team management system to create a detailed overview of tasks for every team member. Also, they can easily set deadlines by using a project tracker tool. As a result, it becomes easier for project managers to identify their teammates’ capabilities and delegate tasks according to them.


4. Overcome Remote Work Challenges 

A majority of global organizations have started working remotely to save their employees from the wrath of the COVID-19 pandemic. A study estimated that around 25% to 30% of the United States workforce will remotely more than once a week. 

Project managers need to identify and resolve the challenges of recruiting and managing members of a virtual project team. Miscommunication and improper project handling are examples of it. Team leaders can effectively overcome these challenges by recording the real-time information of a team member’s task by using robust team management software. 

5. Provide Constructive Feedback

Constructive feedback meetings provide insights into improvement areas, both for project managers and employees. It provides them with a clear idea of their current position and where they are heading. Furthermore, the discussions in such sessions can help managers, employees and the team perform better.

However, scheduling one on one feedback sessions along with handling team responsibilities can be challenging for project managers. Here a good project management tool can be of great help. It enables project leaders to boost employee engagement and establish a favorable work culture within the organization.    


Project team management is a collaborative effort. Trying to do it alone can only result in a project failure. That is why project managers need to acquire better team management skills to make this collaboration successful.  A perfect team management system can be helpful for delegating every single priority tasks to your team. It will also decrease the time and efforts to enhance the efficiency at workplace. 

A project manager who is skilled at key areas like goal-setting, task delegation, and providing constant feedback is more likely to have dedicated and engaged team members. By combining the above-mentioned tips and the right team management software, project managers can successfully steer their team in the right direction.


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