Being a regular user of QuickBooks Desktop, you may have come across a multitude of errors. QuickBooks Update Error 1328 is one such error. However, don’t be bothered, as we provide you with unmatched and indomitable support.


The QuickBooks Update Error 1328 is a technical snag that is caused due to some configuration issues with QB Desktop software. This configuration error is often related to the ‘.tmp’ files in the folder named ‘config.msi.’ QuickBooks error 1328 obstructs you from performing tasks related to your company files(s).




So what exactly leads to QuickBooks Update error 1328?

There are many reasons which may lead to this error. Some of the principal causes behind this error include the following:

  • Improper QuickBooks installation.
  • Essential files associated with QB get corrupted for some reason.
  • Virus or malware attack on the system.
  • Invalid entries in the Windows registry.
  • Power failure leads to an abrupt system shutdown.


Solutions to fix QuickBooks Error 1328

Since there are myriad factors that might lead to this error, there are multiple solutions that might help you get rid of this error. These have been discussed below in an elaborate manner:

Solution 1: Using the ‘config.msi’ File

  • From the start menu, navigate to ‘Explore’ and then go to ‘This PC.’
  • Open ‘C’ Drive, and head to the ‘view’ option. Ensure that you click on the option titled ‘show hidden files.’

  • Now, search for the ‘config.msi’ file.
  • Once located, right-click and rename the file.

  • Add the ‘.old’ extension at the end of the file name.
  • Now, hide the protected files again.
  • Revisit QB Desktop and check if the error 1328 got resolved. If not, proceed to the next step.


Solution 2: Use QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool

  • Follow the walkthrough given below to use the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool.
  • Download and install the QB install Diagnostic Tool.
  • Launch the tool and navigate to the ‘Installation Issues tab.’
  • Click on ‘QuickBooks Install Diagnostic tool’ and wait for the process to conclude. The process may take some time.

  • Once the scan is over, restart your system and head to the QB desktop, and check if the issue got resolved. If not, there is no need to worry. Follow the subsequent solution.


Solution 3: Repair QuickBooks Installation

  • Open Control Panel from the Start menu.
  • Go to the ‘Programs & Features’ option.
  • You now need to search for QuickBooks.
  • Once identified, select ‘uninstall.’, followed by clicking on ‘repair.’
  • Wait for the process to finish. Once finished, open QuickBooks and check if QuickBooks Update Error 1328 got fixed.


If this solution doesn’t solve your problem, follow the troubleshooting method mentioned below.


Solution 4: Clean QuickBooks Installation

  • Go to ‘Control panel’ from the start menu.
  • Head to ‘Programs and Features’ and click on ‘QuickBooks.’
  • Select ‘Uninstall.’
  • Once the uninstall process is finished, restart your system.
  • Reinstall QuickBooks by using the original CD along with the product key.
  • Once the installation is finished, open QuickBooks and verify whether the error got resolved.


Solution 5: Repair your Registry

  • Navigate to the registry repair tool.
  • Repair the damaged registry entries associated with QB Desktop software.
  • Ensure that you wipe off all the malware from your system.
  • Also, clean your system of any junk files.
  • Subsequently, run the ‘windows system file check’ option.
  • Check if the issue got resolved.


Solution 6: Update the Windows OS

Ensure that all the essential Microsoft components like MSXML,, and C++ are installed and updated to their latest versions. For this, follow the steps below:

  • From the start menu, search for ‘update.’
  • Click on ‘Windows Updates.’

  • Download all the updates related to Microsoft components.
  • Restart the system and check if the error got fixed.


We are hopeful that the solutions mentioned in this article assisted you in getting rid of the QuickBooks update Error 1328. If you face any unexpected issues while implementing the troubleshooting solutions mentioned in this article, reach out to our QuickBooks enterprise error support team via 1-800-615-2347. Customer satisfaction forms our prime motive!


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