task management tool
task management tool

Fast-paced project teams are always under the pressure of achieving timely project completion. Because they have a finite amount of time with limited resources to work with. In such a situation, no team can afford inefficient workflow since it can break the entire system of an organization. Therefore, a majority of owners spend a massive amount on expensive systems, training courses, and team-building activities to increase the productivity of employees. Here a robust task management tool comes in handy.

But what if there are simple productivity tools that can keep the team invested in the project and optimize the limited resources as efficiently as possible? From giant enterprises to small businesses, the deployment of quality task management software has become an obligation to keep the business running smoothly.

In this blog post, we are going to provide you with an in-depth review of top task management solutions that can make project management easier for your organization.

Popular Task Management Software

An advanced task management solution can assist project managers to plan, scheduling, and manage different tasks and subtasks with ease and within a defined time limit. Moreover, task management applications can help managers to address project requirements efficiently and figure out the possibility of overly increasing budgets, mismanaged teams, and missing deadlines.

Here is some prominent task management software that can help you reduce efforts on the learning curve and significantly reduce your organizational expenses –

1. TaskOPad  

TaskOPad is a futuristic task management software that can assist project managers to get a clear idea of which team member has a heavy workload and who can handle some more assignments. It can let you prioritize recurring or new tasks and assign timelines to them. So that other team members can plan their work accordingly. 

TaskOPad can operate across all the popular platforms viz. Android, iOS, and Windows. It offers a simple and intuitive interface to its users to ensure smoother navigation within the solution. What’s more, TaskOPad offers project management professionals many useful features like multiple timesheets, customized fields, Kanban Board, real-time file sharing, live task tracking, mobile access, percentage completion, etc. 

2. Quire

Quire is a feature-rich task manager software that works both offline and online and assists project managers to drive success for their teams. It contains an intuitive interface and contains powerful features. Moreover, Quire supports a seamless team collaboration that can facilitate you and your team members to work together on different projects.

Other than that, Quire can keep your entire project tasks well-organized. Moreover, it has introduced a nested task list that can help you break down a project into different tasks and subtasks to get a better hold of it. Also, Quire has a Kanban Board feature that can help you visualize all the project tasks clearly.

3. Asana

Asana is one of the most popular task management solutions. One can use it to collaborate with your team irrespective of its size. Moreover, Asana cannot let you miss a single deadline by offering you the timeline feature. Other than this, Asana can enable its users with several other features like a task list, calendar, template, and board.

In addition to this, Asana has an attractive interface that contains numerous bright colours to enhance the productivity and mood of users. Furthermore, it consists of different viewing modes like calendars, boards, lists, timelines, etc. Also, it can facilitate users to schedule tasks, set reminders, custom fields, permission control, etc.

4. Smartsheets

Smartsheets is a cloud-based task management tool that is extremely helpful to smaller project teams. Moreover, its user interface is a replica of a spreadsheet. Apart from this, Smartsheets can enable you to collaborate easily with your team members. It provides users with multiple facilities like third-party platform collaboration, task tracking, task assignment, management, etc.

Furthermore, Smartsheets is a niche-specific tool as it is more like an excel spreadsheet rather than a basic task tracking tool. So if the project managers have a good knowledge of excel then it becomes easy for them to use this task manager solution. Also, Smartsheets offers various features to its users like real-time team collaboration, creating rollups, sheet sharing, spreadsheet import, etc.   

Concluding Lines

Effective project management is a must for organizations to thrive in today’s competitive markets. As a manager, you are responsible to ensure that your team accomplishes every task on time by using a task management tool. Moreover, a task management tool can provide you with different features that can help you take charge of both your team and project.

The task management software featured in this blog post is the one that is popular in the market. Also, they comprise a combination of different technologies that can facilitate you to give your best as a project manager. So just choose a suitable task management app according to your managerial requirements and the budget of your organization.


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