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There is no age of learning. Also, there is nothing to be ashamed of about learning. Not everyone is fluent in English. However, you can easily grasp the international language with proper guidance. All you need is the right English Tutor who can help you learn to read, write, and speak the language fluently. So, how to ensure that an individual person is a perfect teacher for you? Well, worry not! Read the blog ahead to find out how to choose the best English teacher for you.


The first and the foremost aspect to check in your teacher is his/her linguistic knowledge. Most people have a misconception that a native teacher can undeniably help you to learn the international language. However, it is not at all true in all aspects. A person who speaks English cannot always be a great tutor. It is the teaching skills that matter. If you are planning to join any POD learning session, check the certification they possess, and ensure their authenticity.  

Teaching Style

Every tutor has her/his own teaching style. Similar to that, each student has his/her own learning style. Now, you need to check whether the method the tutor uses to explain the topic is comprehensible to you. If the tutor’s teaching style matches with you, opt for him/her. But the fact is, you cannot assess someone’s teaching style in a single meeting. So, you can ask the person to offer demo classes.


Now, this is something really important to check with your English tutor. Imagine you are all excited to attend the class and later came to know your teacher is pretty boring. Well, calling a teacher boring is never a good idea. But it is also true that learning less becomes ten times easier and more interesting when the topic does not seem boring. A good teacher will always find out fun ways to explain something to the students. So your goal is to find an up-to-date teacher who can adapt to the changing situation and make every class interesting.

Approaching Style

Grammar is as same as mathematics formula! Just like you need to know the formulas to solve a sum, you need to know the rules of grammar to construct a sentence. Not only that, grammar is like the steps to climbing a monument.

First, you need to know the basics like parts of speeches, then you need to learn the tense, and after that, the advanced stages come. So, your teacher must follow the pyramid learning model. Also, check out whether your teacher arranges debates, discussions, and dialogue dramas. These are a must polish your speech and communication skills.


Hopefully, these above-discussed tips can help you choose the best English Tutor who can guide you comprehensively to learn English flawlessly. Not to mention, if you are looking for an opportunity to learn English sitting from home, contact us! We at Tutor Doctor help students of all ages to overcome linguistic fear and polish their linguistic skills.


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