Furnace Problems Explained by Indoor Comfort Solutions HVAC

The extreme cold weather indicates the intensity of cold waves in the country during winters. The increase in temperature intensity can cause severe health issues like asthma attacks, flu, and more. By having Comfort Solutions HVAC, one can get indoor heating and cooling systems that can make life easy. Companies like Indoor comfort Services provide excellent services giving induvial ease of mind during harsh climatic seasons.

Gas Furnace Problems explained by Indoor Comfort Solutions HVAC

As mentioned before, some health issues can be reduced if one installs a gas furnace as it keeps the house warm and the environment healthy. But the gas furnace can have technical and mechanical issues that affect its proper functioning. Homeowners must ask about these problems at the time of installation.

Gas Furnace Maintenance

Maintenance of the gas furnace is crucial. According to HVAC experts, a gas furnace should be serviced at least twice a year for it to keep running effectively throughout the year. Poor maintenance will lead to issues in the mechanics of the furnace.

Importance of Clean Air Filters

The air filters in a furnace have the same purpose as an air conditioner or heat pump. These parts filter the contaminated air coming from outside. If the air filters stay dirty for a long time, then air quality will deteriorate. Also, the furnace has to thrust the air harder through the clogged air filters, making the machine run harder resulting in increased electricity bills.

Symptoms of a broken gas furnace

Short-cycling, air not circulating in the house properly, and hot air not reaching every corner of the room are some indications that the gas furnace has broken down and needs repairs. Ignoring these signs will lead to replacing the furnace before the expected time.

Malfunction in Pilot Control and Ignition

Ignition and pilot control are the two main components of a gas furnace that helps it work. There can be two main reasons for their malfunction like

  • They have dirt in them that has disabled the working
  • The machine has broken down.

Faulty Thermostat

Many HVAC Companies like Indoor Comfort Solutions explain the various faults a gas furnace can have that cause hindrance in their functionality like

  • Some thermostats can have a placement issue like placing it directly in the direction of the sun, The furnace is dirty
  • Batteries are not changed or
  • The thermostat has outlived its lifespan

Heating Issues

If the gas furnace is not heating at all or the circulation is not enough, then it could mean several things, including air filters being clogged, the thermostat is having issues, and maintenance and repair services are not done on time.

Unusual sounds coming from the Furnace

Many people think that rattling, squeaking, and rumbling sounds coming from the gas furnace are normal. Unfortunately, these sounds are a big indication that the furnace is facing problems like loose parts or gas leakage. So, inspecting the gas furnace by companies like comfort indoor solutions will benefit you, as you can avoid any serious accident.

Tips for a well functioned Gas Furnace

Only knowing the gas furnace issues will not be enough, one should also know how to prevent them from happening. Some Tips for a well-functioned gas furnace are mentioned below

  1. Cleaning the filters will allow clean air inside. This will stop the allergens, bacteria, and other contaminated particles from entering the premises. Also, one should replace the filters when cleaning becomes impossible.
  2. Faults in the thermostat that are discussed above should be looked into thoroughly. A regular thermostat inspection is necessary.
  3. Homeowners should make sure that the power supply to the gas furnace is uninterrupted; so that it works continuously.
  4. Hiring the right HVAC companies like Indoor comfort solutions, that provide the appropriate services should be selected. 

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These are the issues that homeowners can face when there are issues in the furnace. Also, the four tips mentioned are important to avoid these problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average life expectancy of a gas furnace?

The average lifespan of a gas furnace is between fifteen and twenty years. According to indoor comfort service experts, this life expectancy can be increased by three to four years if proper maintenance, cleaning, and repairs are done.

How do you know if your furnace is dying?

If there is a rise in the utility bills, despite maintenance and repairs issues still prevail, burner flame is yellow instead of blue, unusual smells and noises, and people getting sick more often; then these are indications that the gas furnace needs a replacement.

Can an old furnace explode?

According to HVAC experts, there is a small possibility that the gas furnace might explode because the furnaces are designed to shut down automatically in case of a malfunction.


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