Garage Door Track Adjustment


Are you facing issues in moving your carport entryway? Has your overhead track misaligned? There might be certain issues that are causing it. In this article, we’ll provide simple steps to follow for your garage door track adjustment.

Tracks are pathways on which rollers are present alongside for smooth movement of the gate. Metal and hard they look, they are quite sensitive material-wise and can distort by little force.

If your entrance trail is giving you a headache, before contacting a professional, read this to adjust it on your own without spending a penny.

Most common issues

Sometimes they get hit by heavy machinery like your vehicle. Opposite to that, they might loosen due to neglecting the garage door maintenance checklist.

  • You find difficulty in opening and closing the entry because it has a bind.
  • Every time you open or close it, it rubs and creates friction against molding.
  • Another issue is the appearance of gaps.

Here’s how to simply fix them in simple steps.

Aligning bind overhead gate


For this, you must have relevant tools and an understanding of the mechanism. First, take a screwdriver and open all the nuts. Also, loosen them to the extent that when you open the trail, you don’t feel difficulty in doing so.


Instead of taking a hammer, use a rubber mallet. Hammer can cause more damage. A rubber mallet will be best for this. Strike the trail with it with minimal force. Then take a leveler and put it vertically to see if it’s aligning yet or not.



After leveling, make sure to tighten all nuts. Then, check out if other ones need adjustment too. If so, repeat the previous steps to align them.

Stop entrance rubbing against the molding

Loosen bolts

If the parking passage creates friction during operation, here’s what you can do. First, search for the bolts. They are usually present above and lower to ground the gate. Then, loosen them.

Create gap

Next, move one side of the trail to a little distance manually. Do the same for another side too. The gap distance with molding should be at least ¼ inches. Take a leveler and measure to see if the distance is equal.


Now carefully tighten all the bolts again. Do this tightly to prevent the entryway fall off. Operate it either automatically or manually and see if it’s working smoothly.

Garage door maintenance checklist

Proper maintaining

Nothing in this world comes with a permanent ticket. The same goes for carport entryways. Doesn’t matter how high-end a gate you have bought. But proper care can prevent any service visits. Moreover, this will enhance the lifespan.

Hire professional

These types of common problems can troubleshoot at home with ease. But sometimes there are severe damages that should only restore by professionals. If you try to DIY them, you’ll harm yourself and do more damage.


Another factor that affects the quality and maintenance is material and hardware. If you spend some money on standard quality hardware, it will be beneficial. This will prevent further damages. Moreover, they are durable.


Well, this one is cheap maintenance but with effective results. This will not reduce friction and make your carport entryway function smooth, but also reduce noise and make it convenient.

Measure the wire size

Presently you have a heading for substitution, especially which one. Also, you need to quantify the length of ten or twenty curls of the critical one by wire check or ruler and contrast the estimation diagram with secure the right side of the wire.

This progression is straightforward as running your tap. You should simply gauge the unmistakable distance between the loops.

Internet perusing is a decent apparatus for the examination graph which you use to check the genuine size of wire per your underlying estimations.

Regardless of whether your jump is broken, there are as yet ten curls that are divided precisely and yield your accurate estimation.

Measure overall length & ID

Thirdly, measure the general length of ¼ inch and inside width to 1/16″ of an inch.

One significant part you need to inspect prior to going to purchase is within the measurement (ID) of the substitution one. A few passages have this estimation composed on them.


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