You might have to consider changing your seasonal tyre with seasonal change. When converting from summer to winter car tyres, it’s vital to consider how to keep the set in good condition. You’ll probably have your tyres changed by a specialist, and many of these facilities provide tyre storage but double-check.

If you don’t take proper care and maintenance of your tyres, the quality of the tyres may deteriorate. They may have a shorter life as a result of this, and they may even deteriorate to the point that you must replace them while being under preservation. However, if you properly care for and maintain them, they will last longer and save you money.

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The Most Effective Approaches to Soring Your Tyres

  • Fully Clean the Tyres Before Storing Them

It’s a crucial step to take before starting the therapy. When you use your tyres regularly, they gather dust, dirt, road grit, and other impurities. Then if you allow them to remain on the tyres for a lengthy period, these can damage both the tyre and the rubber.

As a result, it’s wise to clean the tyres properly before storing them for the long winter. You must do it while your tyres are still mounted on the wheels. To eliminate any dust and grime from the tyres’ surface, wash them inside and out with water and soap.

  • Wrap Them Inside a Plastic Bag

You’ll need a large, airtight plastic bag to fit a tyre. Consider utilizing yard or leaf bags. Make sure both the tyre and the bag are completely dry before removing as much air as possible from the plastic bag and taping it shut.

Under this airtight condition, it would reduce the oil loss from the rubber compounds. Specialized tyre totes are also available. They make transporting and storing tyres simple while also keeping them clean and free of dirt. Unfortunately, they are not airtight. If you’re going to use them, seal the tyres in a bag first, then place them in the tyre totes.

  • Stack the Tyres on Their Sides

As previously noted, if you store or leave your Tyres for a long time, you are prone to developing irregularities. As a result, it’s vital to keep the tyres stable and upright during the long rest period to avoid this and ensure that your tyres retain their overall form and shape.

  • Confirm That the Spot Is Dry and Cool

As previously said, make sure the area where you keep your tyres is out of direct sunlight and at a cool temperature. This is necessary to ensure that your tyres last as long as possible. Find a cool, dry area with a controlled environment to maintain your tyres. A workshop or garage can be a good choice. Avoid common places, such as your basement. One must avoid any humid, hot, or moist situation at all costs.

Below Are a Few Things to Think About When You’re Storing Your Tyres

  • The rubber compound used to create car tyres is negatively affected by ozone. Rubber turns caustic when exposed to ozone. To put it another way, you must not expose your tyres to sunlight over long periods. Lower temperatures, on the other hand, are bad for tyres.

  • One must not preserve tyres for lengthy periods. To put it another way, poorly storing tyres for a long time may ruin your tyre. When it comes to storing tyres, it’s important to note that anything less than optimal conditions will suffice. It’s the only way to keep the tyre safe for the amount of time when you store them.

  • Mounting tyres on wheels is a great option since it avoids the possibility of damage while also preserving the tyre. This does, however, entail having an extra set of wheels to match your tyres.

  • They must be in upright positions for lengthy periods to minimize degradation. They’ll be able to be swiftly mounted on wheels when it’s time to use them.

The Ramifications of Improper Tyre Storage

Tyres deteriorate with the period. Thus, even if you preserve them well, some of the key features of the components and compositions may deteriorate.

This could result in significant performance discrepancies. The following are some of the issues that might arise because of incorrect tyre storage:

  • The tyre’s physical qualities can change, such as a damaged bead or tread regions.

  • The tyres’ life expectancy may reduce.

  • In dire situations, tyre damage might well be severe enough to leave the tyre useless. Car Tyres Derby performs great in all weather conditions.


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