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After years of focused on LED lighting to improve energy efficiency, focus shifts to intelligent PoE lighting and other technologies which make use of technology that utilizes the Internet of Things (IoT). The availability of low-cost ultra-miniature LEDs and sensors as well as communication protocols makes it possible to incorporate Internet connectivity into each lighting fixture as well as sensors that are low in watts and do it with a minimal cost. Since the whole system is controlled and powered via the standard Ethernet connection as well as PoE ports with network connectivity, network-enabled PoE devices give anyone with instant access to as well as control of the building automation system for the whole system.

PoE and Intelligent Lighting Control

LEDs are used already far beyond their lighting functions in automation of buildings to show occupancy, alter mood, conserve energy, and remote control. The use of LEDs is expanded by combining the intelligence of motion sensors and ambient light sensors, and connecting them with PoE lighting nodes of a controlled network.
These advanced lighting technologies have now impacted all areas of our society. From public buildings to healthcare buildings and homes, Lighting applications for PoE are different. From better lighting controls to managing assets, the major IT network providers such as Cisco are supplying PoE standards to allow Power over Ethernet lighting & IoT platforms to every industry.

The First Central Emergency UL 924 Lighting Certification for a PoE Solution

The advantages of the PoE Intelligent Lighting system are many and make building functions simpler to manage, and also saving the cost of managing. Furthermore, this solution is the first in the world’s PoE solution to obtain the Central UL 924 emergency lighting certification. This certifies that the solution we provide for emergency lighting meets standard, and will result in safer, more reliable structures with faster response times in the situation in the event of an emergency. We have a PoE Lighting solution has even been awarded with a prestigious award by experts in the field.

PoE Lighting at Work in Health Care

There are a variety of factors that influence the patient’s experience at a clinic or in a hospital and, with time, research on the well-being of patients has grown to include the surroundings that they recuperate in. Of all the structures that hospitals can alter to improve the ambience lighting is among the most crucial and of the easiest to enhance. The significance of healthcare and hospital lighting extends beyond safety and can set the tone to promote relaxation, comfort and optimal recovery. The image of a flashing or buzzing light is becoming more and more unacceptable in modern medical practice.

PoE and Ambient Lighting

The ambient lighting in rooms in hospitals as well as on hospital grounds can impact the health of patients by directly influencing the body’s circadian system, or improving lighting to accomplish crucial visual tasks. Hospital lights that react to light outside and permit daylight harvesting be a significant influence on the well-being of patients. It is increasingly recognized as a fact, as studies show that lighting can affect the attitude and mood of healthcare workers and patients that, if properly managed, can lead to better results for patients.

Igor’s PoE Lighting Lowers Facility Costs

Managers of healthcare and hospitals are put in a difficult spot when their budgets shrink and at the same time the public is demanding better treatment and more modern facilities. In this case, intelligent PoE lighting can be the most suitable solution. Igor’s PoE lighting and IoT platform integrates LEDs to reduce the operating costs of the facility and improve the quality of the lighting.

It’s the perfect solution for hospitals with an established but outdated structure and need to comply with the rules and constantly changing safety standards. Lighting with PoE will provide better benefits in the present as well as allowing the facility to be able to adapt to any changes that may come in the future. PoE technology is more than lighting. It could also serve as a means to improve security and efficiency through sensors that warn staff of suspicious movements of individuals, or dim light sources that aren’t being employed.

PoE Beyond Lighting

Healthcare facilities and hospitals face a huge problem to cut expenses, improve the outcomes of patients and boost the efficiency of staff and improve morale. They must achieve this while showing more commitment to sustainability, with a long-term view of assets. It can be a daunting task.
One solution to the challenges listed above is to select the best IoT system for your building, which can offer the flexibility to tailor the building of a health center according to the specific requirements of the facility. Although current LED lighting technology and smart lighting controls can help reduce energy consumption, they address only one issue. The Igor PoE Platform, Nexos it is fully connected to its smart lighting system, yet is able to provide an all-in-one solution to many problems. Igor’s innovative PoE Lighting & IoT platform is able to be integrated with other building software into one system that is centrally managed.

In a complex and crowded setting, Nexos provides the necessary control, visual acuity, and integration with building automation systems to simplify the way that things are conducted. This allows the facility to enhance the quality of care by monitoring the patient’s circadian rhythms monitoring noise levels, using the use of low-lighting when needed and ensuring comfortable temperatures based on the space and lighting while optimizing resources for staff and ensuring that patients feel secure and at ease.
To ensure the comfort of patients, employees’ security, and budgets hospital infrastructure developers consider the PoE specifications are essential to the installation of lighting in hospitals today.
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