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All you need to do is up your English game! Best way to prepare for the Reading section, is to well READ! Pick up your favorite books , magazines , newspaper or go through interesting blogs and read it .This would ensure that you have developed the art of skimming and scanning which is required while attempting the reading section Also you can develop the skill of speed reading , since all the sections in IELTS exams are timed so you need to be able to find all the answers .You don’t have to get completely engrossed in the reading passages , just get the gist of it also try to locate the keywords and use them to your advantage. Keywords can be used to locate information in the passage \ Moving on we have the listening section which is very basic, all you need to do here is listen carefully because the recording will not be played twice.


Please do not get distracted, if you miss any part in the listening section it is very hard for you to complete all the answers When you are listening, write down answers on the test paper first and then transfer them to the answer sheet, you have to pay attention to handwriting and spelling. Best way to be prepare here is to take online listening tests, wear your headsets and time yourself . Next in the writing section you need to understand the basic structure of writing an essay or letters also pay attention to details for example such as spelling and punctuation this ensures accuracy. Practice writing pick a topic of your choice and start with simple essay and time yourself , also best way to improve is to get your work corrected by your teacher or someone who has already taken the test Better your vocabulary , READ more ! Avoid all informal ways of writing. And the last section is Speaking ,The Speaking test is a face-to-face conversation with a certified examiner, here you need to RELAX! take a deep breath , compose all of your thoughts and then speak and Avoid stuttering Be clear with your ideas and opinions Ask for any form of clarification from the examiner so that you don’t make any mistakes Best way to prepare for this particular section is to talk your way through it, pick a topic and record yourself while talking .If you have practiced enough , I think you should be able to get good scores with ease.

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