Getting Rid of Under-Eye Wrinkles in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah - UAE

What is Botox?

Botox in Dubai– also recognized as Botulinum Toxin causes a reduction in the activity of the muscle for a short period of time by clogging the activity of the nerve. Generally, the outcome of the method stays for about a few months but can be prolonged with additional sessions and proper maintenance. Learn more about which method is better for easily Getting Rid of Under-Eye Wrinkles – Botox or Fillers? Continue reading!

What are the Treatment Areas?

  • Forehead Wrinkles or frown lines. 
  • Under-Eye wrinkles.
  • Facial wrinkles.
  • Fine lines
  • Crow’s Feet.
  • Marionette Lines and Corners of the Mouth.
  • Smoker’s Lines.
  • Neck Bands.
  • Sagging brows.

What are Fillers?

Dermal Fillers are an injectable technique that is utilized to volumize & contour sites of the face to create a fuller, smoother, softer, and younger appearance.  The fillers will stay as long as a year or two or even more with additional sessions. furthermore, Filler Injections in Dubai are the most effective ones to deliver the desired outcomes.

What are the Treatment Areas?

  • Contour the jawline.
  • Offers support for the dermal structure.
  • Improves lip dimension and formation.
  • Sculpt & specify the cheekbones.
  • Improves the chin by extension and projection.
  • Change the formation of the nasal or rectify imperfections or asymmetries.
  • Correct fine lines and wrinkles that are deep.
  • Enhance the visibility of shallow scars.
  • Volumize the temples for a younger facial shape.
  • Add fine volume to the tear troughs to enhance the visibility of tired eyes, dark circles, fine lines, and volume loss
  • Restore volume in the backs of aging hands.

What is Better- Botox or Fillers?

Botox and fillers, both work for the situations mentioned above, they are particularly approved & created for the issues of aging. But generally, dermal fillers are a better option for eliminating under-eye wrinkles and in comparison last for a long time.

What Filler is Best for Under-Eyes?

As they are transparent, convenient to smooth, and minimally likely to clump, HA- Hyaluronic Acid Fillers are the most common fillers, they are used in the under-eye site. These fillers deliver the amazing, astonishing, and natural results that one is seeking for a long time.

Dermal Fillers that contain Hyaluronic Acid are utilized to lessen the visibility of fine lines, wrinkles, and facial foldings, making and volumizing the face and lips. In addition, the impacts of the solution are seen immediately.

What are the Expected Dramatic Results?

The outcomes of the method are natural, beautiful, and instant. Whether botox or fillers the clients will be required to take sessions to prolong the mesmerizing results. However, with a single session, the candidate will start observing the difference in their skin and will surely enjoy the perky and radiant skin!

What are the Benefits & Complications?

There are many astonishing benefits of the method, some of which are mentioned below. Anyhow, the clients should not worry about the side effects as they will be gone in a few days. In the below table, are mentioned the benefits and a few complications.

The Benefits Some Complications
Safe.  Minimal pain.
Effective. Puffiness. 
No major risks. Bruising.
Plumps thin lips. Dizziness.
Lift tired cheeks. Soreness. 
Encourages healthier skin. Discomfort.
The facial texture & tone is smoothened.
Removes under-eye wrinkles.
Encourages the formation of collagen.
Natural-appearing results.
Dramatic & instant outcomes.
Long-lasting and zero downtime.
Elimination of signs of aging.
Removes facial lines and wrinkles.
Restores volume & sculpts a younger contour. 

Who is the Flawless Nominee? 

As per the skin experts, following are mentioned the criteria for the candidates who are perfect for the treatment.

  • Physically and mentally healthy.
  • Are committed to keeping a good skincare routine.
  • Have practical assumptions.
  • Willing to have radiant skin.
  • Not happy with the facial appearance.
  • Want to have a quick and effective treatment?
  • Appealing to get rid of under-eye wrinkles and other signs of aging.
  • Not able to cover or conceal facial lines, wrinkles, and aging signs.
  • Treatment is not great for individuals who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

What are the Pre-care & Post-care Tips? 

The skin expert will provide a few tips that are essential to follow prior to the method to attain a safe and effective treatment and after as well to have long-lasting and successful results.

The Pre-care Recommendations: The Post-care Recommendations:
  • Refrain from taking blood thinners.
  • Keep yourself hydrated.
  • Maintain a good skincare routine.
  • Prevent sun exposure.
  • Avoid aesthetic products.
  • Refrain from smoking and drinking alcohol.
  • Do not wax or bleach.
  • Avoid using hair removal creams.
  • Tell the doctor about medications if taking any.
  • Follow the instructions of the skin specialist.
  • Refrain from going into hot baths.
  • Avoid sun exposure.
  • Apply a well-prescribed sunblock that contains UVA & UVB protection and is SPF 50+.
  • Keep yourself hydrated.
  • Maintain a healthy diet.
  • Refrain from using cosmetic products.
  • Prevent touching or rubbing the treated site.
  • Refrain from any type of facial or massage.
  • Use pack of ice, if you feel soreness, puffiness, or discomfort.
  • Refrain from strenuous activities. For a few days.
  • Refrain from any other procedures.

How is the Procedure Done? 

Below are mentioned the methods that are carried out for Botox and fillers.

Procedure for Botox:

In this method, the expert of the method will first clean the area and disinfect it. After that, a tiny needle thatIs thin is utilized to inject tiny amounts of botox-botulinum into muscles. The methodIs carefully done by proficient experts in Dubai by weakening the muscles that produce wrinkles. The amazing part of the methodIs that it preserves the natural expressions of the face and_is done within 15 to 20 minutes.

In addition, the client will not require anesthesia but if theyAre scared of the needle and the little discomfort, local anesthesia or an anesthetic cream will apply to the treatment area. Furthermore, generally, to show complete impact, it will require a week or two.

Procedure for Fillers:

The therapy of fillers, a thin needle_is used by the skin expert on the desired treatment area. In the previous method, the expert of the method will clean the site of treatment and apply anesthesia to numb it and make the client comfortable. In next step, the dermatologist will inject the filler in several areas thatAre required for the treatment.

The complete method will require 30 minutes to an hour. And the amazing part of the method is that the results of the fillers last for mostly a year or two. And after that, the client will need additional sessions to maintain the mesmerizing results.

What are the Charges for the Treatment? 

The real cost of the method will know at the initial consultation with the treatment expert as there are various factors that will impact the price of treatment such as:

  • Type of treatment.
  • The experience of the doctor.
  • Condition of the skin.
  • The desirability of the client.
  • The level and locality of the clinic.
  • Application of anesthesia.
  • Sessions required.
  • Other additional charges.

Are you Ready to get Started?

There are candidates who are finding ways to easily Getting Rid of Under-Eye Wrinkles – Botox or Fillers. Still, have queries? And get in touch with the Best Dermatologist and sort out all your concerns. They are ranked at the top and are well-trained and qualified to deliver you the best and the most effective & lasting results. Stop wasting your time and get it done right away!


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