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Gift Packaging and surprises in a square or rectangular shape are the most common solutions. However, due to the simplicity of execution, unlike, for example, round and multifaceted gifts of a non-standard look, they require a minimum of imagination to design, and their packaging can be completed in just a few minutes.

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What is needed?

Square or rectangular presentations, such as a box of gourmet chocolates or a small cake presented as a surprise to your girlfriend, require, in addition to gift wrapping, the following:

  • Kraft paper – any decorative, bright, and colorful outer covering that matches the style of the format of the surprise that you will present to your loved one;
  • Strapping tape – any satin, lace, or plastic, can be supplemented or replaced with a similarly decorated twine;
  • Double-sided tape.

On request, printing ink with glitters or a special glossy sheen can be purchased. It is needed when the store did not find the right sample of decorative paper, but there is an idea of correcting this misunderstanding.

The importance of wholesale custom packaging boxes is that they can easily fit your product or any product because size, color, material, type of material such as matte, glossy, and Kraft material can be used.

Step-by-step instruction

Before you start wrapping the surprise with gift paper, it is recommended to practice on old wallpaper or newspaper if you are not sure. In other words, you need to cut out a piece of the desired shape and wrap the box to be decorated with it. Next, the same packaging is cut out of decorated paper.

If you are confident in your actions, then to wrap a square gift, do the following:

  • choose a sheet of decorative paper that is suitable in size and color and place a box with a surprise in the middle;
  • wrap the paper around the box first along the main edges of the last;
  • fix the paper at the joint using double-sided tape;
  • fold the paper at the ends in the same way as assembling an envelope ready for gluing;
  • fold the ends of the paper at the end in the same way as a cut-out envelope is glued together, and secure it with the same type;
  • For the other end of the box, repeat the previous two procedures.
  • After wrapping the box with a wrapper, decorate it with a beautiful ribbon with a bow on the top.

If you do not act by eye, but clearly and accurately, and you also have extra time, you can measure the box and draw out gift paper from the wrong side. The method is good because, in this case, you will not cut off too much. The same will work if the gift is not just rectangular but also long.

Factory packaging

A non-standard, round product or several copies of a flat product is often delivered in the original rectangular packaging.

  • Smartphone, tablet, mini-laptop – these types of goods are often supplied in rectangular packaging. An example is an iPhone, the packaging from under which looks like a brick. Any gadget is suitable for the same outlines.
  • Wholesale chocolate bars, block of chocolate. Not everyone will undertake to give one small bar of chocolate. Therefore, a set of sweets with different fillings from different companies is bought, or several “of the same type” chocolates are purchased, then a package of suitable size is selected for them. The same can be said for boxes of chocolates or cakes – these surprises are often not flat.
  • A basket with a set of cosmetics/perfumes, which there is no time or desire to wrap and decorate for a long time, but suddenly, a rectangular or “cube” package is suitable in size. The latter is then created in accordance with the preceding method.

Features of the correct design

It is strictly not recommended to use boxes from the same iPhone as packaging, for example, if there is no way to glue the wrapping paper tightly. Especially incorrectly, such a reference to an expensive brand can be perceived by your beloved, hinting in response to the fact that you did not give her the same or equivalent in functionality and high-cost surprise.

Wrapping your surprise without a gift ribbon in wrapping paper is a sign of negligence.

If you do not have ready-made decorated paper at hand, you can use simple Kraft paper without any factory decorations and make the original design yourself before packing the prepared present directly.

If there is no way to bind the wrapping paper tightly, it is strongly discouraged to utilize boxes from the same iPhone as packing. Such a reference to a premium brand can be interpreted by your sweetheart as a suggestion that you did not provide her the same or similar in functionality and high-cost surprise, especially if made incorrectly.

In addition to paper, scissors, and tape, you may also need colorful acrylic paints and a brush.

So, the surprise is packed in Kraft paper according to one of the instructions above. Now do the following:

  • open one or several cans of paints of the required colors;
  • Take a little white paint with a brush and, using wide sweeping movements, spray on the craft paper. The drawing should come out exactly how you want it to.
  • do the same with another painting, for example, pink or brown – the drawing created with the help of splashes is completely ready;
  • Once you’ve finished coloring the craft paper, wrap your surprise around it and decorate with a decorative ribbon.

If you are good at drawing, use thin brushes and create a real picture. Everyone will be pleased to receive a gift in such packaging. The design made with the help of spray paint cans will also turn out to be interesting.

You can draw a picture or depict a suitable image on craft paper before wrapping the surprise package with it. The main thing is to let them dry paper well after applying the desired drawing, smudge the resulting image, and not stain the gift itself.



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