FUE hair transplant

Due to the rapid changes in medical technology and people’s attraction toward hair transplant adoption, hair transplant modifies frequently. These alterations make hair surgeries more simple and easy. The motive of these changes is to confer more accurate results to individuals who are not satisfied with their falling & messy hair and bald scalps. In this journey, the Hair Transplant in Punjab is always ready to care for your hair with up-to-date methods. In earlier years, masses secured their hair with Follicular Unit Strip Surgery (FUSS), but nowadays, they trust the FUE technique. It is more advanced than a FUSS hair transplant. If you want to obtain natural-looking hair, opt forhair transplant in Ludhiana.

Apart from this, there are numerous rumors about the cost of hair transplants in India. But do not worry because fue hair transplant cost in Ludhiana is very budget-friendly. Not only you, but the middle-class individuals can also afford it easily.

What recent modifications occur in fue hair transplant?

Research is going on daily to attain more accurate results from the latest technology equipment. Similarly, a new technique known as Sapphire adds to the fue hair transplant. In other words, you can say the advanced version of fue hair transplant. The English meaning of Sapphire is a gem, a type of diamond. Its name suggests that it has worked for numerous years without any damages or issues. It includes fewer sessions to perform compared to other types of hair transplants. It uses several people during research and shows a more natural look, with instant results only in one session. After inventing this hair transplant technique, no obstacle stops your hair from growing after treating with this procedure.

Who is a good candidate to adopt sapphire hair transplantation?

Both genders above eighteen and eighty years can opt for sapphire hair surgery. People with diabetes and high blood pressure can not go for this transplant. Along with this, if you are dealing with any chronic condition, it recommends first curing it and then thinking about the adoption of sapphire hair transplant surgery.

What benefits do you extract from the Sapphire transplant process?

  • There is no damage to hair follicle tissues due to its vibrant abilities.

  • The Sapphire method does not affect blood circulation and stimulates quick recovery options.

  • It gives you a chance to adopt this transplant, again and again, to say goodbye to your bald scalp. However, you get unbelieav\ble results in your first session.

  • There is less swelling and pain after having this transplant.

  • This method does not promote any tool or equipment allergy.

How much time will it take to show results?

The sapphire hair surgery performs in a day. After that, the patient will go back to their home. After two days, they visit the clinic for a hair wash. All minor scraps go light in the first month, and you may face some hair loss in the first few weeks, but later on, it will only enhance the growth of your hair. You will get satisfactory results within the three months of this transplant surgery.


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