Immunohistochemistry Market

According to SPER Market Research, The Global Immunohistochemistry Market Size, Share & Trends The increasing prevalence of cancer, chronic diseases, swiftly increasing geriatric population, investment in diagnostic research, big companies presence; are the fuel to the expansion of the Immunohistochemistry Market. 

The antibodies segment & the Diagnostic applications segment dominate the major share of the product segment & application segment respectively. 

Market Overview (2022-2030) 

  • Forecast CAGR (2022-2030): 6.5%
  • Forecast Market Size (2030): 5.8 billion

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Impact of COVID-19 on Immunohistochemistry Market:` 

Big Pharma companies entered the industry as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, which spurred research spending to discover a more effective cure. 

Industry Definition and Major Segments: 

The SPER Market Research report seeks to give market dynamics, demand, and supply forecasts for the years up to 2030. This report contains statistics on product type segment growth estimates and forecasts

Global Immunohistochemistry Market, by Product: 

  • Antibodies. 
  • Reagents. 
  • Other Reagents. 
  • Proteolytic Enzymes. 
  • Slide Scanners. 
  • Slide-staining Systems. 
  • Tissue Processing Systems. 
  • Other Equipment. 

Global Immunohistochemistry Market, by Application: 

  • Diseases of the immune system. 
  •  Cancer. 
  •  infectious diseases. 
  •  kidney diseases. 
  •  neurological diseases. 

Global Immunohistochemistry Market, by End-Users: 

  • Academic & research Institutes. 
  •  Hospitals & Diagnostic Laboratories. 
  •  Other end users. 
  •  CROs, Pharma & biopharma companies. 
  •  and forensic laboratories. 

Global Immunohistochemistry Market, by Region: 

  • North America 
  • Europe 
  • Asia Pacific 
  • Latin America 
  • Middle East & Africa 

This research also includes important market drivers and restraints for the forecast period. The study also covers several developments potential. 

Key Market Players: 

A detailed analysis of the key market players, including Abcam plc, Agilent Technologies, Inc., Becton, Bio SB, Inc., Biocare Medical, LLC, Biogenex Laboratories, Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc., Bio-Techne Corporation, BioVision Inc., CANDOR Bioscience GmbH, Cell Signalling Technology, Inc., Danaher Corporation, Diagnostic Biosystems, Inc., Dickinson and others, is also provided in the global Immuno Rockland Immunochemicals, Inc., Eagle Biosciences, Inc., Elabscience, Inc., F. Hoffman-La Roche AG, Genemed Biotechnologies, Inc., Merck KGaA, Miltenyi Biotec, PerkinElmer, Inc., PHC Holdings Corporation, Takara Bio, Inc., and Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc. 

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