Zinc Oxide Industry Report

Global Zinc Oxide Industry Report: Analysis and Forecast 2022-2027

Regional Category Spend, Price Analysis, Key Demand and Price Indicators, and Best Buying Practices by Zinc Oxide report

The zinc oxide was valued to be worth USD 4.03 billion in 2021. In the projection period of 2022-2027, the industry is expected to grow at a CAGR of around 4.5 percent, achieving a value of around 5.25 billion by 2027.

The zinc oxide industry report broadly studies the industry, together with important segments, movements, drivers, constraints, the competitive landscape, and other critical market features. The implementation of zinc oxide in different domains such as healthcare, cosmetology, petrochemical, and many others, is primarily in the industry, which is propelling the market growth. The Asia Pacific is the biggest category spender by region which is impelling the demand for the zinc oxide industry.

Zinc Oxide: Industry Definition and Segmentation


Zinc oxide is an inorganic material that naturally exists as the mineral zincite; although, the preponderance of zinc oxide is fabricated. It is a white powder that is water-insoluble. Skincare, feed additives, elastic bands, polymers, earthenware, glassware, concrete, lubricate, oils, lotions, adhesives, and other production methods all use it.

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The Zinc Oxide industry report comprises segments:

  • By application – Rubber, Ceramics & Glass, Chemical, Agriculture
  • By region – North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, the Middle East, Africa, and South America

Snapshot of the Report

The regional markets for the industry can be divided into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, the Middle East, Africa, and South America.

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Category Drivers

The substance is widely employed in the pharmaceutical sector to make medications such as ointment and other medications, which is fueling the industry’s growth. Another factor increasing zinc oxide demand in cosmetics and personal care products such as makeup, baby lotions, bath soaps, and foot powders. In over-the-counter (OTC) drug products, it’s used as a bulking agent, a colorants, a skin protectant, and a sunscreen. Because of its qualities, the compound is employed in the electronics industry, which contributes to the market’s growth. Zinc oxide is in high demand in the electronics industry for use in biocompatible and biosafe metal-oxide-based semiconductors, making it perfect for sensor/transducer applications.

Category Insight by Region

China is the world’s largest producer and consumer of zinc oxide, as well as the world’s largest exporter. Furthermore, the presence of a substantial industrial base in the area, which houses several businesses such as glass, pharmaceuticals, and rubber production, is expected to promote zinc oxide market expansion in the region. In addition, the rising use of rubber in the vehicle industry for tyres, anti-vibration systems, transmission systems, moulded components, replacement parts, body sealing systems, adhesives, and other applications is moving the market forward.

The product’s use in rubber manufacture is primarily driving the market. Zinc oxide is used as a vulcanising agent in the vulcanization of rubber to improve durability, which is used to create tyres and other products, boosting demand from the automotive industry. However, the market’s expansion is anticipated to be limited by strict regulatory restrictions regarding the usage of zinc oxide due to its negative health impacts.

Best Procurement Practices

The global zinc oxide industry report by Procurement Resource gives an in-depth analysis of the best buying practices followed by the major customers of zinc oxide products across the globe, such as engagement models, contract terms, and buyer and supplier negotiation levers, among others.

Category Management Studies

In the industry, pyrometallurgical synthesis, hydrometallurgical synthesis, and as a by-product of other chemical processes are all used to create ZnO on a big scale. Pyrometallurgical synthesis can be done in three ways: direct, indirect, and spray pyrolysis. Zinc metal is evaporated and exposed to air in a container for rapid oxidation. To make ZnO powder, zinc is combusted and then cooled. The quality of the raw material has a considerable influence on the quality of the finished product. A high-purity feedstock is required to manufacture a high-purity (>99%) zinc oxide product. ZnO particles in the 30-2000 nm size range are used in the indirect approach. The particle size can be changed by altering the airflow and flame turbulence.

The second-largest amount of ZnO is produced via the direct approach. Zinc metal is generated via reduction as the first step in this process. In the same way, as the indirect approach was done, the metal complex is evaporated and oxidised. Spray pyrolysis is used to degrade zinc salts into ZnO. This approach can be used to make uniform particles with a big surface area. Active zinc-oxide is a large-surface-area material. Active zinc oxide is created via a two-step process. The first stage is the calcination of zinc wastes to hydrozincite, followed by the breakdown of hydrozincite.

As a by-product of sodium dithionite synthesis, ZnO is produced. Zinc carbonate precipitates and ZnO is formed because of this technique, which includes filtering, drying, and calcination or alkali treatment. There are various small-scale manufacturing methods for ZnO. Precipitation, solvent extraction, thin film deposition, and gas-phase synthesis are examples of small-scale processes. ZnO nanoparticles are made via physical, chemical, and biological methods. Physical vapour deposition, arc-plasma process, thermal evaporation, and ultrasonic irradiation are examples of physical techniques. Thermal evaporation can be used to create ZnO nanotubes having photocatalytic properties. This approach is also simple, low-cost, and doesn’t require the use of any catalysts. Chemical techniques such as microemulsion, sol-gel, precipitation, chemical reduction, and chemical vapour deposition are also used to create ZnO nanostructures.

Key Supplier Profiles included in Zinc Oxide Industry Report

The key market players are U.S. Zinc Corporation, Zinc Oxide LLC (parent company of Zochem), Umicore N.V., and EverZincOrica Limited.

The report covers capacity additions, plant shutdowns, investments/divestments, mergers and acquisitions, and other latest developments in the market.

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