The kitchen is the heart of any home and should be maintained as such. That’s why we have put together a quick guide for giving your kitchen a fresher look and make it a space that you would want to be proud about yourself using and exploring. If you need some suggestions for what kind of updates you can do or want some inspiration, then read on!

1. Refurbish the cabinets first: There are many ways when you go for a redesigning project, but one thing that you can always count on doing it right without getting into a mess will be getting rid of an old cabinet that only serves you storage and nothing more. Having a refurbished ones makes it much easier to move on with your new projects without worrying about anything else happening at your place. So if you prefer to do so, get ready now to clean out all the drawers, shelves, and other materials in the old cabinet and get them replaced with something different that you feel good about. Take care not to keep too much stuff because this could affect how much your kitchen is looking as the fresh floorboards will give a refreshing and modern vibe and also provide the perfect backdrop for the things you might be doing or making. You can choose from a wide range of options for your choice, you might like or some others would like to check out Builders Richmond.

2. Replace the counter tops: When you come up with a remodeling project, the last thing you want to waste time on installing new tiles that you don’t want. Instead, install something unique for each cabinet that would add value to the overall design of your house. This way the counter top will still be the same, but the layout will be completely different now. Replacing the counter tops will give your kitchen and your space a fresh and updated look and help create a timeless appearance at your place. All you need is just a few minutes to complete the work and then you can start enjoying your newly renovated kitchen and start feeling proud about it. Some countertop ideas include:

– 1st Floor : This is ideal for those who live in flats or apartments and doesn’t want to leave any space for expansion and growth. It comes with multiple windows and has extra spaces for storing everything else when you are working.

– 2nd Floor : This is for those who have plans and want their kitchen to be large enough to serve a lot of people without much hassle. It features bigger window panes.

– 3rd Floor: Last option would be by increasing the height to the ceiling. With a long and narrow corridor, it gives a spacious view over the rest of the room. You can easily see everything.

3. Add a cupboard for storing food items: A cupboard is useful for several reasons, one being it’s easy to access, keep everything organized and clean. You can use these cabinets to store all kinds of foods and drink. It has no problem keeping everything in its place, even if they are small and delicate. Also, it’s great for keeping snacks or small dishes and drinks, also they can add interest and character to your kitchen design. It is the best spot to store wine, beer, and other alcoholic beverages. Not forgetting, having a cupboard will never let you hide unwanted products, so it’s best to get them all out of there before it’s not needed anymore or during times of bad memories when you’re not happy with your kitchen.

4. Organize Your Drawer Taps and Spare Space: We all know that sometimes life gets in the way of doing the things we wanted to accomplish, especially our personal space, but you can organize your drawer taps in the most creative and smart way possible. You can arrange the hooks on the side at different angles to keep it in order. It’ll add comfort and safety and a natural look to your kitchen.

5. Use Light-Colored Scents: One of the best ways to enhance your kitchen interior is through the light colors that one can use in the kitchen. If you want to spice up your living area, you can use bright paint for walls and ceilings, then light blue and pink colors for the sink and floors. Or you can take it a step further and use white, dark green, and golden tones to cover up your kitchen decor to change it into a minimalist look.

6. Re-Designate Kitchen Walls: They are known to provide an aesthetic boost to the entire space as well. Make sure that you update your wall so that you can provide the perfect backdrop for the beautiful objects in your kitchen area. Think creatively and bring a variety of styles for better possibilities. You can think positively or use negative colors for it and make it the perfect background for your artwork. Don’t forget to talk about your favorite colors in your home and show off a bit of creativity!

7. Create Stunning Backdrops: Most of us do not have the ability to create backdrops for our homes, we are usually limited in creating certain things, so it would be nice if we had the opportunity to try and achieve it. Adding a few touches to your kitchen is worth it, you can do so many wonderful things with your fridge, cupboards, etc. But at the end of the day, if you want it to appear like a whole cake, then you need to buy decorations and other cool accents for adding a vintage mood. Just try and make you space that looks like a masterpiece. Creating a cozy atmosphere with your own imagination is truly worth it!

8. Increase Storage: Sometimes storage is just important in a kitchen. By having all the necessary gadgets and cleaning supplies, we can protect ourselves from germs and everything that we don’t need, like in the kitchen. Therefore, get in the habit of organizing your storage to keep things organized and to be able to keep track of things. This makes your kitchen easier to manage.

9. Find New Clothes: Yes, we hear you asking “Why wear what you already have?” I can tell you it’s not always comfortable and gives too much freedom for your life, therefore it’s important that you find out as much as possible what type of clothes you want. Always look for new items that you love and that would keep you happy. And this is exactly what your kitchen needs now.

10. Install Lighting Properly: Before installing the lights, make sure that you install its direction correctly. It can be either straight or it can go to the left or right. Keep in mind to balance the lighting so that it won’t affect the whole concept of your kitchen. The correct placement of them make your kitchen look more attractive and eye-catching.

11. Hire Experienced Plumbers for Painting the Appliances: Let’s face it, we all know that painting appliances isn’t our friend. But did you think once about the fact that the job can get very expensive? Well, we are not wrong, the professionals should pay close attention to every detail of a work so that it suits your taste. But here we would recommend hiring professional experts for your job. They will have years of experience behind them, so they can help you with any issue your own issues and expectations. So get everything done and enjoy your renovation!

12. Go Green: Have you ever wondered how much does your roof get affected by what kind and color of paint? Well, it can influence its longevity in a very serious way. Why not give your roof a cleaner look by choosing ecofriendly and sustainable paints? Plus, it’ll be less expensive than traditional paints for the same result. Get everything done as soon as possible, enjoy your renovation, and see what your dream kitchen looks like now New Homes Nelson.

13. Build a Wall for Indoor Plants and Lush: An indoor plant is extremely beneficial in a greenhouse too. These plants are helpful in absorbing carbon dioxide and also provide oxygen to the air inside, which is essential for human survival. It also stimulates the health, making it healthier both you and the plants around you. So keep indoors plant in your kitchen and use as an decoration.

14. Arrange Potted Flowers and Vines: We all know how difficult it is to grow our flowers and vines, but when you’re looking forward to renovating your kitchen, you can consider placing potted flowers and vines in your window panes to make your space look appealing. Fresh roses and greens are best in the kitchen too, you can even plant them in your coffee table for a better ambiance and fresh outlook!

15. Choose Modern Glassware: Remember when you were younger and you used to play ball with the tumblers and spoons in your high school days? What happened? Now days, it seems obsolete, but in the past, it was actually quite practical. Similarly, nowadays, it would be a challenge to get basic glassware that will fit in your kitchen. So if you can afford it, grab the best available and keep it in your cabinets and


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