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There will always be people in the world who will be looking for every opportunity to rob you of your belongings. These people are learning new ways to scam you. They will scam you at your most vulnerable position, so you won’t see it coming. Getting ahead of these scams is the only way if you want to make sure that no one takes advantage of you. It’s best to contact the most reliable service providers on your phone, but let’s be honest, only a few of us make this effort. 

When looking for the best locksmith in Jacksonville FL, be aware that you won’t always get what you look for online. This modern online world has shown us that nothing can be trusted without thorough verification. These scammers will know that you are panicking and use that situation to hurt you financially. Do you know anything about how to distinguish between a genuine and a fraud locksmith? We have made a list of tips to help you avoid getting scammed by fraud locksmiths in Florida. 

But first, let’s look at some popular scams in Jacksonville.

  • Fake Advertisement: they advertised themselves and licensed and registered companies, but they are neither of both. 
  • Lure and Grab: They will give you cheap service prices, but when you hire them, they will put you in contact with their partners, who will quote a different and increased cost. 
  • Destruction of Property:  When you hire them for a simple lock repair in Jacksonville, they will intentionally destroy your perfectly working lock and charge you extra to replace it. 

Now, look at the steps you can take to avoid falling prey to these kinds of scams. 


Before hiring any locksmith in your town, make sure that they are legitimate or not. Many times a shady locksmith won’t give you the physical address for their business. They do this so you won’t go to them after they scammed you. If you see that a locksmith in Jacksonville FL is not providing you with their address, try to find another company. 

Check Credentials

Before letting anyone enter your home for lock repair in Jacksonville, make sure to check their credentials. It will give you the clarity to know that the person is not pretending to be someone else. If they do not have any credentials, you won’t know who to contact in case of any feedback or complaint.

Ask Your Trusted People

Another thing that will help you avoid scams is only to let professional and trusted persons come to your house. You can ask people only trusted people about their recommendations. You can ask your family members to see if they have contact with any trusted locksmith in Jacksonville FL. They have already tested them, so, it will give you satisfaction to know that you are getting quality services. 

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Interview Them

Before hiring any locksmith, make sure to ask them a few questions related to their job to know if they know their craft or not. It will also help you understand whether that person is the best fit for your needs or not. You can ask them anything according to your satisfaction; you can ask them questions like these:

  • How many customers have they provided services to in your area? And if it’s feasible, get the contact of that customer to make sure of them.
  • Are they licensed or not? If not, then how can they prove that they are legitimate? It is because many states do not make it obligatory for locksmiths to have a license. 
  • Do they have a complete understanding of what you want? If not, then it’s probably best to avoid them. 

Ask Them About Price

Before hiring anyone, ask them about their price for services. It is better if you have that quote in writing. It will give you an idea about the estimated cost of the project and help you ensure that they won’t increase prices after the job. Do not hire anyone if they are refusing to give you an estimate. 

Extra Charges

You can also avoid being scammed by fraud locksmiths by carefully asking them the right question. You can ask them about any extra cost before any agreement. Many scammers scam you with additional expenses under different names like oiling and any other service. If any locksmith is not telling you about the extra costs that can occur during lock repair in Jacksonville, it’s probably because they want to scam you. When you call someone to come to your home for a service, and after meeting you, they start discussing additional charges, it’s better to let them go that instance. 

Check Online for Feedback

There are many websites on the internet where you can go to read reviews about any company. Before hiring anyone for your locksmithing needs to spare some time to read about them online. Their online profile will tell you a lot about that company. When looking online, see if their profile on those sites is verified or not.

Ask from Manufacturers

If you want to add an extra layer of security to your home by adding a new locking system, it is best to ask manufacturers about their professionals. Many manufacturing companies these days are also providing you with installation services too. If not, they probably will have a lot of recommendations for you. If you acquire installation services from the manufacturer, it will also help you while claiming your warranty. 

Locksmith Knows Every Lock

Know that a professional locksmith can open any lock without breaking it. Any locksmith tells you that they need to drill into your lock, do not allow them to do that. They probably are fraudsters and do not know how to provide you with quality service. 

Never Too Late

If you are not getting the right feeling from a locksmith even after hiring them, cut them loose and tell them that you no longer require their services. They will probably charge you some amount, but it’s okay, as it is better to lose some instead of losing all. 

You Trusted Locksmith

If you are looking for professional and trusted locksmiths, contact JAYBE locksmith today and get the services and results of your desires. We pride ourselves on delivering the most reliable and professional services in Jacksonville, FL, and its surrounding areas. Contact us to get a free estimate. 


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