Holiday Gift Guide: 10 Affordable Gift Ideas for Your Loved Ones Under $50!

makeup brush set from MSQ

Holiday Gift Guide:

10 Affordable Gift Ideas for Your Loved Ones Under $50!

We’re now halfway through the year — just a few months away from grand holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas. These celebrations also mean reunions and gift-giving.

Our loved ones weren’t molded from the same cookie-cutter, so what works for your sister may not work for others. As such, we created a gift guide curated to fit the taste of your loved one. These gift ideas work for the fashion-forward, the nature lovers, and even the tech-savvy. All these come at a low price!

Prepare a rewarding gift-giving for your spouse, parents, siblings, cousins, or friends with these inexpensive holiday gift ideas we gathered for you. 

1. Bath Products Subscription

After a very stressful day, sometimes we need a couple of hours in a shower or tub to destress. Thankfully, bath products from Body and Earth let your loved one experience a luxurious spa-worthy treat for a very affordable price of $15.99.

2. Gift Basket

Whether you’re away from home or not, this Sweet Tooth gift basket from is an ideal surprise holiday gift for a loved one with a sweet tooth who’s currently based in the Philippines. This $46.62-priced gift basket includes sweet-tasting chocolate varieties like Cadbury, Hershey’s, Snickers, Toblerone bars, and KitKat.

3. LED Showerhead

If your loved one’s a singer and dancer in the shower, they’ll surely enjoy this LED Showerhead from Urban Outfitters. For only $9.99, they get to jazz up their shower with this mood-setting showerhead light.

4. Portable Cereal Cup

These cereal cups from The CrunchCup are a champion for a loved one that’s always on the go. Two cups hold each of the cereal and the milk so that they don’t mix until they hit your mouth. It’s also easy to assemble. For only $19.95, your loved ones get to have breakfast on the go, mess-free!

5. Wireless Charging Station

This wireless charging pad from Bear Motion is perfect for a loved one that always needs a fully charged phone due to work. This sleek metal charging station offers cable-free charging for its users. Its affordable price of $9.99 also works as a stand for when a loved one needs one.

6. Chocolate Bouquet

Makeshift chocolate bouquets are the best holiday present for your sweetheart that’s allergic to flowers. This affordable chocolate bouquet from is only priced at $29.72. It includes a long-stemmed faux rose circled by four varieties of chocolate bars.

7. Office Mouse Pad

A friend that loves the classic TV series The Office would surely shriek with happiness when you gift them this The Office mouse pad from KPZCustomDesigns. It’s incredibly adorable, and a great haggle for its price — $13.52!

8. Iridescent Block Heels

Pick these iridescent Carice Sandals from DSW for a friend that takes the world as her runway. This very affordable pair of metallic heels also has cylindrical block heels that’ll make the whole ensemble sizzle. And the best thing? They’re on sale for only $24.98!

9. Makeup Brush Set


Choose this makeup brush set from MSQ for a loved one that likes to color her world in glamour. This affordable set is priced at only $8.99. It’s worth its price as it’s made with soft and silky premium synthetic fiber material. 

10. Potted Plant 

Nothing beats a potted plant as a holiday gift for a loved one with a green thumb. Before sending this $24.95-priced plant, the Plant Vine team would send you pictures before sending it out. And, if a loved one wishes to return it, they can do so through the shop’s 30-day guarantee.

Happy Holidays!

More than their price, gifts are symbols of our appreciation for someone special. Just because you’re strapped with money doesn’t mean you can’t express your gratitude to a loved one. There are always affordable gift options that are just as meaningful.

We hope our gift guide helped you pick out affordable gifts for your loved one. Happy holidays!


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