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The easiest way to make yourself famous and become a brand is just by using simple products like pens, pencils, perfumes, t-shirts and other similar products like that with your brand name on them. Simple products that can be used by everybody and which take zero effort or skill to use in order for the people around you to think of your brand as something cool. You just need some big name apparel company like Nike, Adidas, Puma..etc who makes pretty great clothes such as t-shirts, shirts etc brands already established and ask them if they could produce affordable, cheap and similar products with your name on them. Most of these big companies even charge an arm & a leg for producing such kinds of goods but there are other companies as well such as Happyway International Trading who offer affordable rates, and yes it is totally worth it.


some important branding ideas

1: Have a logo that shows your brand on all products, the most important point about this


Step: 2

2: When somebody wears or uses your product, make sure to get their contact information. If they are not satisfied then report back to whoever will be putting out these branded items. You can also sell them online in order tip retain good relations with those customers and if they do get back to you saying they are satisfied then make sure to email or call them again and say thank you very much.

Step: 3

3: Stop having people post status updates on your blogs whilst wearing branded logos because it looks like a cheesy marketing gimmick just figuring out how to retain clients, not actual human beings! You can have status updates with the word “thanks” tied up in an interweb style but computers take things too literally. Sometimes some companies spend so much money on marketing that they forget what it’s all about, keeping your customers and obtaining better ones.

Step: 4

4: Stop having an image of yourself in packaging with your brand name written across the box! We have seen these hardcore t-shirts at school that say things like “I CAN DO THE BEST” or something along those lines….now imagine what would happen if a group of kids asked you to show them how awesome you are and they are wearing some brand t-shirt that says something like “I Can do the best” and then you go up to one of those kids showing them photos where they’re burning your picture with a magnifying glass. 

Step: 5

5: It doesn’t have to look anything special but make sure what’s inside doesn’t ruin your image! If you’ve made a logo or branded t-shirt then make sure that the material is not cheep, maybe another way to put it would be: Make sure what’s inside doesn’t look like an accident! Don’t try and check if it says “not for kids!” on your packages because people will lose faith in you instantly.

Step: 6

6: When somebody finds out about your business always ask them how they found out about it ! Maybe they have stumbled upon it by accident and the logo just looked appealing! Obviously this is more common among those wanting to start their own business but even if you do run one for others, always ask them how you can enlighten them about your product. Trust me when I say that everyone thanks you in person once their interest has been piqued.

Step: 7

7: If a customer hasn’t bought anything from your shop or web store then don ‘t quote them on their orders! Don’t try and remind them of your service by word, even if you’re not selling. Just don’t do it, let the customer’s order from entitle flip out as opposed to saying things like “You’ve actually got these in stock? Let me know how much”, etc. because no matter what happens for two products there is bound to be a sale somewhere down the line regardless of whether or not they were accidental purchases or not.


Step: 8

8: If your product is built by a machine then make sure that it still looks like one. With all the advances done in 3D printing and other open-source devices for building parts if you’re selling an item made out of foam or aluminum try not to portray it as such! Like I said earlier don’t sell yourself short, we all sell our best efforts to the public. No one is going to purchase from you if they think that your product looks like it was made in an Ikea!


What people want to see


The reality is people nowadays prefer brands and products that look flashy and have excellent advertisements on social media and other platforms. People will buy anything these days if they find out that some brand is selling products that are manufactured using the best quality materials and is reliable. 


Reliability is the key to a successful branding image 

If the products you are targeting or selling is reliable, then it will soon be famous amounts the people. Start selling reliable items now with your own brand, and you will rise to popularity in a short amount of time!

Starting right away is always better than making mistakes later on

If you’re trying to make some fast cash online, then there’s no quicker way than rushing into action with an article or two only to realize things will be slower before they are faster if you do this. 


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