UAE is the most sought-after place for entrepreneurs to start their businesses. A large number of businesses are being established in the city daily. One of the main reasons businesses are opting to set up here is the facilities and incentives that the government provides to investors. And one of the popular free zones in Dubai is Hamriyah, located in Sharjah. It is strategically located on the western coast of the UAE and has direct access to the Arabian Gulf and the Indian Ocean. Since then, Hamriyah Company Setup has witnessed continued growth and has emerged as one of the leading business destinations for foreign investors looking for a secure and competitive environment for their businesses.

The free zone established in 1995 with a strong focus on creating world-class infrastructure, offering efficient services, and providing all the necessary tools to succeed, grow and prosper.

What are the advantages of opening a company in Hamriyah Free Zone?

There are many reasons why companies choose this free zone to set up their businesses. Here are some of the main reasons to select Hamriyah:

  • Great infrastructure

This free zone has a great infrastructure that allows companies to conduct their business easily and conveniently. The zone has its port, easily linking customers to other ports in the Middle East, Africa, and Europe. It also provides easy access to Dubai International Airport and Sharjah Airport.

  • Convenient location

This free zone is strategically located between Sharjah and Dubai, which gives you easy access to both cities. It is only minutes away from Hamriyah Port and Sharjah International Airport.

  • Low costs

This free zone offers low costs for company formation there, also, making it an ideal option for startups or small businesses with limited capital.

  • One hundred percent business ownership

As well as the peace of mind that comes with having complete control over your company’s direction, you can easily transfer profits outside the UAE without any restrictions or approval from local authorities.

  • No corporate tax for 50 years

Most importantly, the companies at HFZ are exempted from taxes for 50 years, which means increased profits for your company.

  • No customs duty on imports and re-exports

When you start a business at HFZ, you can import goods into it and re-export them without paying any customs duties.

What type of business license is offered in Hamriyah Free Zone?

A business license is an official permit or registration required by the government to operate a business legally. Hamriyah Free Zone is one of the fastest developing Free Zones in the UAE and is widely recognized as a major business hub. This Free Zone also offers a broad variety of business licenses. Several types of business activities can be licensed under the Hamriyah Free Zone. A brief insight into these licenses given below for your reference:

  • Commercial licenses

Firstly, this is the required license if you are starting a business in Dubai. A commercial license issued to engage in trading activities. It permits the holder to engage in trading activities of goods and merchandise within and outside the UAE. So, the company permitted to trade in all items except those prohibited by law or those the competent authorities have restricted in the UAE.

  • Service License

The service license designed to allow companies to offer their services within the Free Zone or outside, as long as they are not importing goods into the zone. This license covers services such as advertising, consulting, management and recruitment. Individuals who have special skills can obtain a service license, such as doctors, engineers, or architects. So, you don’t need a local sponsor to obtain this type of license. However, you need to have approval from the related government department in your field.

  • Industrial licenses

A Person who desires to set up a manufacturing business in Dubai needs an industrial license. For example, if you want to start a food processing company, a car repair shop, or anything else that involves producing goods, you should apply for this type of license.

Documents required for Start a Business in Hamriyah Free Zone

  • Passport copy of Director
  • Visa copy of Director
  • Board resolution for opening branch or subsidiary
  • NOC from the current sponsor
  • License copy of the parent company
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • MAA of the parent company

What is the Process for Hamriyah Free Zone?

The Hamriyah Company Setup process is simple and hassle-free for foreign entities. So, the following are the steps to follow:

  • Company name approval

The first step of the Hamriyah Free Zone company setup is to approve your company’s name. We will choose a unique name for your firm and then submit it to the authority for approval.

  • Submission of application form

The next step is to fill out the application form and submit it to the authority along with all the required documents such as a valid passport, visa copy, proof of address, etc., on your behalf of you.

  • License approval

The third step involves getting your license approved by Hamriyah Free Zone Authority and then acquiring it from them.

How can Start Any Business UAE help you? 

Start Any Business UAE is the leading business setup company that can help you in Hamriyah company setup. We offer free zone and non-free zone business setups in the UAE. We have a team of expert consultants who have been working in this field for years, and they will make sure that everything is in place before you start your business. Start Any Business UAE understands how difficult it is to start a new business in a distant location. Our services are cost-effective, fast, and completely transparent, so you don’t have to worry about anything! We also, offer complete solutions for setting up businesses in Sharjah Free zone from start to finish, including licensing, registration.

Our dedicated team of Business Setup Consultants in Dubai will also ensure that your company is set up as per your requirements and at the lowest prices possible in the market. Our wide range of clients includes large corporations, SMEs, and high-net-worth persons. Thus, Let us take care of all the paperwork so you can focus on creating your product, getting customers, for your business.


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