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LinkedIn Company scraper

LinkedIn has more than 800 million users all over the world to connect with professional people and real businesses. Each LinkedIn profile offers the business address, phone number, email address, working history, staff details, and other contact details to approach them easily. LinkedIn has more than 55 million registered businesses that you can scrape with a LinkedIn Scraper to get their contact details for marketing purposes.

That is why every b2b marketer mostly uses LinkedIn to collect b2b emails and phone numbers of potential customers. If you are a marketer or a freelancer, you can use LinkedIn Company Extractor to get structured data from thousands of LinkedIn business profiles, groups, and pages without coding and being blocked. You can use this LinkedIn data for your b2b marketing campaigns, to beat their competitors, or to sell to others.

Why LinkedIn Company Extractor Software Is Compulsory For LinkedIn Scraping?

Typically, when you search for a business on LinkedIn, the search results spread on thousands of pages. To use this data, you have to extract the search results from LinkedIn search results to an Excel sheet or any other database right? This is the main reason most marketers, business owners, and freelancers use LinkedIn Company Scraper to get bulk b2b leads from LinkedIn?

You can manually copy-paste the contact information by visiting each LinkedIn profile individually. Remember, you need to copy-paste easy and every detail like email, phone number, social media links, business name, staff, etc. If you need data from thousands of LinkedIn business profiles, It may take several days, weeks, or even months to copy-paste data from a few thousand LinkedIn profiles and there are 100% chances of errors in manual work.

To extract data with LinkedIn Company Data Extractor you don’t need to write any single line of coding. Just search and click on the Extract button to extract data from LinkedIn. LinkedIn Data Extractor automatically find, extract, and export data from thousands of LinkedIn business profiles.

LinkedIn Company Profile Scraper can extract business emails, phone numbers, social media links, website links, staff details, ratings, reviews, and all the other contact information that is publicly available on a profile.

You will get maximum data from LinkedIn and can save your hours for many other tasks. You will get data in usable formats(Excel, CSV, or Text) format to use easily.

How Does LinkedIn Company Extractor Work?

Here is a complete guide on how to use this LinkedIn Scraping Tool. First, you need to install the LinkedIn Company Scraper on your PC/Laptop. You can install the LinkedIn Contact Extractor on any version of windows. LinkedIn Email Extractor can find data by name, zip code, and LinkedIn profile URL.

You just have to enter your keywords and zip codes in the search bar of the LinkedIn scraper software. LinkedIn Company Extractor automatically finds all the results from LinkedIn according to your given keywords. And then you can select specific or all search results to scrape for data. After that, click on the “Extract” button to extract data from selected search results. After that, you can export data in CSV, Excel, or Text files by clicking on the “Export” button. The software has a free trial and you can find and extract data from LinkedIn for the free trial but can’t export data in an Excel or CSV file. You have to purchase the license of the LinkedIn Company Extractor for just $59.99 for 3 months to export data.

See How Software Works?


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