If you’re in need of a Roofing Company. There is a season for everything. Unless you live in Louisiana, which has both rainy and “my face is melting” seasons. There are no middle points.

However, both seasons have something in common; they bring roofing issues. The heat cracks and curls your shingles, while the rain causes storm damage and roof leaks.

Are you wondering if your roof can withstand another hurricane? Or are you looking to repair or replace it? In any case, you should know a few things before calling local roofers.

I Have a Roofing Problem. Whom Should I Call?

Finding local roofers is easy. But verifying a roofer’s honesty, conscientiousness, courtesy, and experience is another story. Today, online advertising is too easy. Many experienced roofers, new roofing firms, and even roofing brokers compete online.

You may read internet reviews and testimonials. But the only way to tell if a roofer is respectable is to contact previous clients. Ask if their roofer was on time and budget. Ask if the team was tidy and polite or if the client spent days picking up nails.

Communicate with Your Neighbors

Remind to ask about:

  • The company’s professionalism and timeliness.
  • How cooperative was the staff?
  • Would they recommend the roofer’s services?
  • How much does that roofer charge?

No one wants to spend more than necessary on a new roof. But that does not mean the lowest bidder is necessarily the best price. So, after hiring a roofing provider, you do not want to find out that flashing, insulation, and replacing decayed wood would cost more.

A homeowner should be more concerned about the project’s down payment. Most roofers need at least half of the estimated cost upfront. Still, you should not pay the balance until the job is done. This will motivate the roofer to finish.

How Will I Be Protected?

Roofing is a risky activity for the crew, you, and your house. Who is responsible if a worker gets injured?

Are safety harnesses required?

What if someone falls through the roof or gets smacked on the head?

Who pays for crew-caused home or automobile damage?

How does your company handle discarded nails?

Before letting anybody get up on your roof, be sure they are licensed and insured.

Likewise, a roof warranty is important for your roof’s lifetime. But it might also affect your house if a leak appears soon after it is fixed. Any roofing job should include material and labor warranties.

Make sure material warranties cover labor and installation costs if any portion of the roof fails before the guarantee expires. Also, consider that “lifetime warranties” might be as little as five years. Finally, check for warranty exclusions and other limitations.

Is the Company Reputable?

Remind the following:

That well-dressed guy who gives you a roof quote will not be on the team that will work later in your home. Hence, ask how much time the roofing company has been in business.

How many years do they have in business? What is the company’s BBB rating?

Study the roofing contract before signing. Ask about the start and end dates of the project, a list of materials and supplies, building permits, scheduled inspections, and the schedule for every stage of the project.

Likewise, request the cellphone numbers of the supervisor, construction manager, and general contractor. Also, it is crucial to be clear about payment terms, cancellation rights, and potential liens on your property.

Am I Ready to Hire a Great Roofing Company?

Once you have located several top companies, get quotations. The lowest price doesn’t always mean excellent service. Likewise, the costliest quote does not guarantee quality materials and warranties.

Give Alpha Roofing a call at 318-373-5875. Our expert team is ready to serve you with the best professional attitude and expertise. We service areas in Bossier City and Shreveport, LA.

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