How can I see who viewed my FB profile on mobile?

Facebook is a social media platform which is used by a large number of users all across the world. People use this social media platform to share posts which they like and not only posts but also stories and many other things. As a user on Facebook you might have often wondered whether you can see who has visited your profile or who has stalked your profile. As there are many people who love to spend their time by stalking people on social media platforms. So, you might be looking for ways to how to see who viewed my Facebook for this we will provide you ways in this blog so that you can see it. 

As you know earlier Facebook did not provide the ways and methods to see people who saw your profile and you often wondered can you see who views your profile on Facebook ever in your lifetime. Then let us tell you that fortunately Facebook has now provided this option where you can see who has viewed and had a look at your profile so that users can use it for their security and other things. But this feature is only provided to the users who are using an iPhone or a laptop and unfortunately this feature is not available for the android users yet. 

What about Android FB users?

Terrible news! At this point, the element is accessible just for iOS FB clients. You can take their assistance? No?

If it’s not too much trouble, note: versatile clients can likewise introduce and interface outsider applications to their FB records to check who saw their profile. There are a few applications accessible on the Google Play Store.

One that appears to be adequately nice (as individuals say) is Who Viewed My Profile. This application can assist you with realizing who visited your profile on Facebook and other web-based media applications also)

In any case, there is no assurance! The inquiry is assuming Facebook has never added a component for Android to check your profile watchers, then, at that point, how other applications could help you in seeing it?

Simply sit back and relax! There are different stunts referenced in the post.

How to realize who saw my Facebook profile? (iOS)

The iOS stage is somewhat safer and consequently there isn’t any iOS application to discover who saw your Facebook profile. Be that as it may, iOS clients can constantly follow hack number 1 to sort this out.

We trust these strategies demonstrate helpful for you to realize who has been watching out for you, either for no particular reason or to guard yourself via web-based media. All things considered, the thought is to stay protected on the web and avoid stalkers, everything being equal.

Steps to use to see who viewed your profile on your mobile – 

Here are the steps which need to be followed by the users by which the users can very easily see who viewed my Facebook profile. These steps can only be executed in an iOS phone and it will only be successful when the steps are executed with care and properly. 

    1. First of all you need to login into your Facebook account by using the login credentials of your Facebook account which you created while you created your Facebook account. 
    2. But make sure that the details that you have entered are filled properly and correctly so that you face no issues later on. 
    3. Now in this step you need to click on the option of the main drop down menu option which you can open by clicking on the three dots which you can see in the settings option. 
    4. Now after you are on the main drop down option you will need to look for the option of Privacy shortcuts and as soon as you have found this option you need to click on the option of privacy shortcuts so that you can move ahead to the next step.
    5. Now in this step you will again have to navigate for an option which says who viewed my profile and when you have found it and it is available to you on the screen you need to tap on who viewed my profile. 
  • As soon as you tap on who viewed my profile you can very easily see who views my Facebook and you can also block or restrict people who view your profile but you are not okay with them or with whom you are not comfortable. 

We expect that the users have executed the steps really well then you might have been able to see who has seen your profile recently. And if you want to have some more extra and amazing information about any of the topics in your life then you can visit the website Way Binary and we can say that you will not get disappointed by this website and you will get all you want to know. That is why we would suggest you give this website a try at least. 

Much of the time Asked Questions

Would I be able to check who saw my Facebook profile by iPhone?

Indeed, you can check who saw your Facebook profile from your iPhone.
1. Open Facebook App and sign in to your record.
2. Open the primary drop-down menu.
3. Go to “Protection Shortcuts”.
4. Click on “Who saw my profile”.

Would I be able to see the rundown of companions I mentioned on Facebook?

Indeed, you can see the companions you have mentioned on Facebook. Click on and look at the rundown.

How might I realize who visited my Facebook profile in 2022?

1. From your iPhone, Open Facebook App and sign in to your record.
2. Open the principle drop-down menu.
3. Go to “Security Shortcuts”.
4. Click on “Who saw my profile”.

Would somebody be able to let know if I take a gander at their Facebook page a great deal?

No, Facebook doesn’t permit you to perceive how regularly somebody saw your Facebook profile (not even on iPhone). Along these lines, the individual you’re following won’t discover.



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