Canon has a long history of being a part of our lives and has a solid international reputation. This is purely owing to the fact that it provides the industry’s best picture, industrial, and optical products. ij.start.cannon leads you to a way for downloading the Canon printer’s configuration so that it can operate indefinitely on your computer. Canon printers are the most widely used printers in the world, and they are well-known for their versatility and efficiency. You’ll learn about the essential characteristics of Canon printers, system requirements, the launch procedure, and much more.

Download the Canon Printer Driver  via

It’s a challenging effort to setup a new ij.start.cannon printer. You’ll need to obtain the installation instructions from the printer manufacturer’s website and follow the step-by-step instructions most of the time.

  • Select your preferred Wifi network after turning on the computer. To safeguard your privacy from security problems, open a secure internet browser now. Chrome, Safari, Edge Chromium, Opera, Internet Explorer, and other browsers are available.
  • As gives you free access to Canon printer drivers that work with your printer. As a result, you must type into the address bar of your browser. Then, to get to the welcome window, press the Enter key.
  • The Setup tab will appear here, and you’ll need to select it to access the Product Selection window. As a consequence, go to the next level by clicking Setup.
  • You’ll see a search field in the centre of the screen that you must fill out with your specific product model number once it’s up and running. As a result, double-check the model number on the printer’s back label. Then hit the Enter key.
  • The Download box will appear on your machine. Check the Operating System field again and make any required adjustments right away. To begin the application download, click the Download button.
  • It is recommended that you do not switch between windows or run any other apps while downloading the file, since this may slow down your internet connection and cause the download to take longer. When you’re finished, you’ll be prompted to save the file at a secure location of your choosing.

Simple Instructions for Keeping Your Computer and Printer Connected at All Times

After downloading the setup file from, you must connect your Canon printers to the computer. In articlering site you will find more solution. It is also possible to learn how to set up a Canon printer. There are two ways to connect to your printer, both of which are depending on your printer’s hardware specifications. Take a look at the following two approaches:

Wireless Setup: If your printer is high-tech, it should be able to connect to the internet wirelessly. Navigate to your printer’s Wireless Settings screen to connect your printer to your computer without using a cable. Using the Wireless LAN Setup Wizard, connect to the same Wifi that your computer is connected to.

USB Connection: If your printer does not satisfy the wireless criteria, you can connect it to your computer via a USB cord. When you buy a printer, it comes with a cord. Inspect the cable carefully and double-check the USB ports on both devices to avoid connection troubles. Connect the USB cable to the computer on one end and the printer on the other.


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